Redbird Math by GiftedandTalented

Redbird Mathematics by a review of homeschool math. Online math curriculum

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How to Choose a Homeschool Curriculum

How to Choose a Homeschool Curriculum

00:00:24 Steps

00:00:29 1 - Review your state's homeschool laws to determine what subjects you are required to teach

00:00:56 2 - Think about your goals for your child

00:02:05 3 - Think about how your child best takes in and processes information

00:02:22 4 - Choose a homeschooling method

00:02:51 5 - Look for programs that fit your chosen method of instruction by browsing the internet, participating in online forums, or talking to homeschoolers you know...

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CurrClick Online Homeschool Classes

CurrClick is an online site that offers live homeschool classes for all ages.Here's a sneak peek at a class. Visit for additional CurrClick review details.

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