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Home school curriculum reviews, or feedback, is helpful to parents who are considering this option for their family. Reviewing and deciding what classes your children should take, if learning from home, is very important, and should not be left up to someone else.

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Home School Curriculum 2017-2018 History 1st Grade Review

Review of "My America and My World" Geography & History curriculum for 1st grade homeschool

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Finding Success with Time4Learning

Time4Learning's award-winning comprehensive curriculum has helped more than 400,000 families with their educational needs.

Homeschoolers love the flexibility and interactive, fun learning activities. Families looking for skill building help, appreciate the convenience and ease of use.

Watch this video to hear parents AND students talk about why they love Time4Learning.

For the resources mentioned at the end of the video, follow these links:

Time4Learning FAQ --...

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Homeschool Curriculum Review - Connect the Thoughts Geology Curriculum for High School students On the Living Life at Home blog, Michael asked for more information about the High school geology curriculum we are using - Connect the Thoughts Geology (a homeschool geology course of middle school and high school students.) In this 10 min video I share my thoughts and experience with Connect the Thoughts and how I'm using the geology curriculum in particular.

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Homeschooling Tips : Homeschool Curriculum Review

Parents can purchase retired school text books or homeschool specific teaching materials to help develop lesson plans and educate their child at home. Establish a homeschool curriculum using teacher manuals and subject review books with tips from a homeschool teacher in this free video on education.

Expert: Linda Wooldridge


Bio: Linda Wooldridge has been homeschooling since 1998, and she has been on the PPEA board for three years as the orientation coordinator...

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Example of a "Project Passport" Timeline

Full "Project Passport" review:


Demonstrating the accordion-fold style timeline, from Home School in the Woods' "Project Passport" curriculum


TITLE: Blue Sky Over Hawaii

ARTIST: Nicolai Heidlas

CC BY License 4.0

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Excellence in Literature Tour

Have you ever wondered what is in the Excellence in Literature curriculum? Here is a video tour of what you'll find in one of the volumes, plus a look at what the entire curriculum includes. You can read more about it or

- Self-Directed, Week-by-Week Lesson Plans

- Classic Literature-Based

- College Preparatory, with optional Honors Track

- High-School English for Home Schools, Private Schools, and Charter Schools


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