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A Complete Middle School Program

At Keystone, we help middle school students grades 6-8 get off to a good start. Our program inspires and motivates students to acquire the skills they need to succeed in high school and beyond. We offer curriculum for a complete middle school education or individual courses to supplement a student's traditional or homeschool education.

Students enrolled in a complete grade level take a total of five courses: four core courses - one in each core subject area - plus one elective per school year. The...  [more...]

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K-12 Homeschool Online - online homeschooling | christian ...


Christian Homeschool Online gives you 180 Days of Lesson Plans per course

24/7 Access

Authentic Christian Education


Online homeschooling with us is AFFORDABLE and ACCREDITED. Our Christian homeschooling online provides you with everything you need to give your child a superior education.


92% of homeschoolers use online homeschooling programs because christian homeschooling online works! You get videos, study guides,...  [more...]

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Christian Homeschool Curriculum Packages - Sonlight

The Christian homeschool curriculum packages from Sonlight® can remove the stress caused by organizing your child's education. These Christian homeschool curriculum packages include nearly everything you'll need to educate one or more students for an entire year. Consisting of Sonlight History / Bible / Literature programs as well as Language Arts, Science, and a variety of electives like art and music, our comprehensive Christian homeschool curriculum packages can alleviate the wonder of what to do and how to do it. For information on everything from pre-K homeschool course packages to high...  [more...]

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Homeschool Curriculum Resources - homeschool-curriculum Resources and Information.

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This webpage was...  [more...]

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Free Preschool Activities - Homeschool Preschool | ABC ...

Free Preschool Activities

We offer Free Preschool Activities like Coloring Pages, Crafts, Physical Education Activities, Music Activities and Free Bible Activities.


The ABC Home Preschool Curriculum Workbooks are 9-month five subject Preschool Curriculums that are completely wipe-off. When the workbooks are used with the Included Special Marker the pages can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth and used again and again!!


ABC Home Preschool now offers our five subject 9-month Preschool Curriculums on CD. We have...  [more...]

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Which is the Best Homeschool Reading Program? Tips and ...

What is the Best Homeschool Reading Program?

written by: Kathy Wiehl o edited by: Noreen Gunnell o updated: 9/11/2012

Using the best homeschooling reading program is at the top of the priority list for every homeschooling parent. As children get older, the focus of a reading program should evolve from learning basic reading skills to studying great works of literature.

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Phonics Vs. Whole Language

There are two methods commonly used to teach reading, whole language and

phonics . The whole language method teaches children to recognize...  [more...]

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Secular Homeschool Curriculum | BookShark

Shopping for a secular homeschool curriculum can be challenging. Though the need for secular homeschool curriculum is growing rapidly, it is difficult to find a quality homeschool program that does not advocate for any specific faith.

Even families who homeschool for religious reasons do not necessarily want faith-based curriculum. Reasons include:

They want a secular homeschool curriculum because they want to teach religion separately from academics.

Their beliefs do not necessarily fit a specific mold or doctrine,...  [more...]

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Computer Based Homeschooling - Homeschool Curriculum

Home Approaches Online Homeschool Computer Based Homeschooling Curriculum


The Pros and Cons

Here is an honest look at the pros and cons of computer based homeschooling curriculum for anyone either looking to try online homeschooling or just looking for a computer homeschool curriculum to make life easier.

Some homeschool parents think that computer based homeschooling curriculum choices are terrible and claim that they would never 'stick their child in front of a computer all day' to get their school done.

You may be skeptical too, but there are many advantages to this type of...  [more...]

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Homeschool Curriculum - Time4Learning

Parents Want A Homeschool Curriculum that...

Parents Want A Homeschool Curriculum that Helps

Here are a few reasons to try Time4Learning:

Your kids will be safe in our secure, ad free, online learning environment.

The multimedia lessons feel more like video games than a comprehensive curriculum, offering a fun way to present new materials or difficult concepts.

Members get 24/7 access to a whole year's worth of materials, so you can begin at any time and use the program however you see fit.

Record keeping is automatic! At any time, parents can print reports that can be turned into student...  [more...]

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Free Online Computer Classes for Homeschool Students

Free Online Computer Classes for Homeschool Students

August 28, 2014

Do you have homeschool students who are interested in learning about web development? Or would they like to learn to use Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, or other software? Webucator is offering homeschoolers an opportunity to take these courses for...  [more...]

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8th Grade - Grade Level - Homeschool - Master Books

8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Set

History and social studies covering A.D. 1900 to the present. Mathematics and physics focuses on the history of mathematical...  [more...]

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Homeschooling Florida - FL Laws, Resources, Support

Homeschooling in Florida!

This site is designed to provide all the information you need to get started, continue, progress, and complete homeschooling students in the state of Florida. We are to give you the homeschool help you need. Please give us your suggestions, opinions, requests, etc. Click Contact at the top of page here.

Here you will find the FL State Statutes that govern home education in Florida, and information on fulfilling the FL state requirements for maintaining a portfolio, annual educational evaluation, standardized testing, as well as high school graduation requirements in...  [more...]

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Homeschool Curriculum Packages | Secular Homeschool ...

Customized for Grades K-12

Each Customized Homeschool Curriculum Package

is designed to meet your child's individual needs and your budget. Book choices and subjects vary - it's up to you!  Teacher Editions or Keys are provided. You may substitute any subject with the elective of your choice! 

A wide variety of products will be used to develop your customized homeschool curriculum package.

The average price range of a complete homeschool curriculum package (for a full year) with student textbooks and teacher materials is usually around $350 to $575 for a full year's curriculum....  [more...]

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Online Home School | Homeschooling | Homeschool Program

Online Home School Curriculum

Self-Paced - Individualized - Teacher Support

The Ogburn Online School takes great pride in the academic achievements of our students. The online homeschooling curriculum for each grade level has been designed to provide the proper homeschooling elements necessary to learn grade level appropriate skills, while successfully preparing our students for the next grade level.

The Ogburn Online School is a regionally, nationally and internationally accredited private online school dedicated to ensuring the future success of each student.

By providing 24/7 access to our...  [more...]

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Homeschooling and open universities in the Philippines ...

Homeschooling and open universities in the Philippines

From Wikipilipinas: The Hip 'n Free Philippine Encyclopedia

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Government Pushes for Homeschooling Through the Internet

Homeschooling and open universities have proliferated in the Philippines over recent years due to the ease of long-distance communication over the Internet and the rising cost of education and other resources. They permit study at the student's own pace and allow a more flexible schedule that enables the student to pursue work or other interests while studying. Such programs are supported by...  [more...]

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K12 Internet Homeschooling Online - Homeschool Curriculum

Looking at online homeschool options? K12 homeschool curriculum is an adaptive based online distance-learning program offered as both a public and private school. It is designed to meet the needs of the individual student and allow for full growth potential.

Many students fall outside of the normal classroom median as a result these students do not get to realize their full potential. The k12 curriculum is designed to provide students with a way to take the courses that they want, at the pace they need while still getting the subjects that they need. K12 internet homeschooling curriculum...  [more...]

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Homeschool Online - Top Benefits of Cambridge Homeschooling

Top Benefits of Cambridge Homeschooling

"Why should I choose The Cambridge Academy?"

That's a great question! Why enroll your child, the most important person in your life, in our homeschool academy? Here are the top ten reasons that set The Cambridge Academy apart.

Benefit #1: The Cambridge Academy allows homeschool students to work at their own pace. Our homeschool software allows gifted homeschool students to work ahead at their advanced skill level and allows homeschool students who struggle with particular subjects to take some extra time to ensure that they grasp the...  [more...]

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Homeschool Art Sitemap - Your Home School - Design your ...

HOME > SUBJECTS / Homeschool Art Sitemap

Homeschool Art Sitemap

What really makes a Homeschool Art Curriculum?

Well, there's a number of factors you need to consider when teaching art: Firstly, what is really involved; What does Art really means; How broad is the scope of teaching art; What do we do about Art history; How do we make it happen in our busy homeschool lives?

Ready to begin to make art a part of your homeschool life? Well, let's...  [more...]

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Free Homeschooling Worksheets - Find your Perfect ...

Privacy Policy

Free Homeschooling Worksheets

Does it seem that you are taking hours to find the 'right' �free homeschooling worksheets, and you are still having to adapt them to suit your family?

I have pulled together the best worksheets and links I could find, to save you time and effort in your homeschool.

Using worksheets as part of your homeschooling can be very helpful - just make sure...  [more...]

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Homeschool Math Curriculum | Homeschool Math Programs

Miquon Math

(Grades 1-4)

Miquon Math is one of the best tools to teach younger students how to think mathematically. Miquon teaches all four arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) beginning the first year, and even introduces algebraic notation, geometry, and diagram-reading in the first book.

The program emphasizes patterns and relationships (rather than pre-set formulas and methods); using manipulatives and unique graphic layouts to help children discover and understand those concepts.

Parents often choose Miquon as a fun supplement, though some use it as...  [more...]

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Christian Homeschool Subjects - History & Geography

History is the centerpiece of Sonlight's homeschool curriculum .

We seek to give our homeschool students an overview of key events and people of the past, but, more importantly, we give them every opportunity to study the biographies of people who have made significant contributions to the development of human cultures in general and most especially to the advancement of God's Kingdom. Moreover, we pay special attention to those whose character and achievements we would like to emulate.

With Sonlight, you and your students will have a chance to sweep through history three times, gaining an...  [more...]

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Summer Homeschool, Homeschool Curriculum, Homeschool Review

Summer Homeschool

You can decide to formally teach summer homeschool using traditional homeschool curriculum resources such as Abeka, Bob Jones, Math-U-See or one of the other popular names.�

Additionally, unit studies which are more activity and project based, can be perfectly suited for this time of year which lends itself to more sensory and exploratory learning.

Or, you may prefer to take advantage of this "free time" to explore other subjects, interests, and activities with your children that you were unable to complete during their regular school year.

Pros and Cons of Summer...  [more...]

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Homeschool Writing Ideas - Homeschooling-Ideas

Privacy Policy

Homeschool Writing

There are many ways to encourage your children to write. But you may need some ideas to inspire you - and them!!

Homeschooling is wonderfully flexible - and there are some great ways of encouraging your children to write.

I do not use a writing curriculum in my homeschool schedule - I just maximise the opportunities available within homeschooling.

Are there are lots of opportunities available :) Everyday situations are wonderful for writing opportunities. I hope these ideas will inspire you to give them a try.

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Check out these fabulous...  [more...]

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