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Homeschooling for Free: Open Educational Resources

Open Education Resources ~ Homeschool Middle School, High School (& Beyond)

Looking for a curriculum in math, social sciences, sciences? How about foreign languages? Look no more. Here's a nice compilation of Open Educational Resources (OER) that contain pretty much anything a high schooler, and an advanced middle schooler would want to learn. Best of all, they're all totally free!

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Homeschooling Specialist - Educational Tips, Tutoring & Resources

Introducing one stop shop for all of your homeschooling needs...whether you're officially homeschooling or supplementing your child's traditional educational experience.

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Education in School & Homeschool Classrooms - Social studies, Math & Science Lesson Plans

Education in Schools and Homeschools. Educational Resources and Teaching Supplies. Lesson plans and classroom activities about Cotton. Ideal for grades 1 to 8 for schools and homeschoolers. Learn about the history, significance and uses of cotton at

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Homeschooling: Resources for Physical Education & Using a Gym

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Homeschool Online Curriculum: Learn With Homer

Homeschool Online Curriculum- Learn With Homer homeschooling, teaching kids online, online homeschool resources, preschool, PreK, education, homeschooling,

We share our tidbits of information. We do a lot of how-to videos, product reviews, and some general basic things.

Come visit our blog .

Also find us on social media @...

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Calvert Education: A Century of Homeschooling

Calvert Education's rigorous homeschool curriculums for Pre-K through ninth grade provide parents the resources they need to ignite their student's potential. To learn more about Calvert's at-home education programs, visit

Need some more information? Call Calvert Education toll-free 1-877-638-0237.

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Utilizing Online BJU Press Resources

Homeschool Help For Homeschool Families!

HomeWorks By Precept provides the homeschool community with the best textbooks and resources available for Christian home education. Consultants, who are also homeschool parents or educators, are at the heart of what makes us different. Our consultants do so much more than order products — they’re your partners all year long, and have years of homeschool experience to help you along the way. Homeschooling can be difficult, scary, and confusing, so...

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Homeschooling Tips : How to Start a Homeschool Association

Start a homeschool association by meeting with other homeschooling parents, finding a location and by researching the rules and regulations of the state's educational systems. Establish a successful homeschool association using various resources with tips from a homeschool teacher in this free video on education.

Expert: Linda Wooldridge


Bio: Linda Wooldridge has been homeschooling since 1998, and she has been on the PPEA board for three years as the...

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Homeschool Resources: Choose Lighthouse Homeschool Resources

Homeschool Resources. Our focus is inspiration and education. We sell home school curriculum, books, and inspirational items for homeschooling, parenting, and Christian living at everyday low prices. Visit us at

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