How to Build Your Own Curriculum Pt1

Free Common core Standards Checklist for gr 1-6


College Prep homeschooling Your Complete Guide to Homeschooling through High School

by David P. Byers, Ph.D and Chandra Byers ISBN# 978-1-60065-100-7

Home Learning Year by Year How to Design a Homeschool Curriculum from Preschool Through High School ISBN# 0-609-80585-1

The Complete Home Learning Source Book the Essential Resource Guide for Homeschoolers,...

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Everyday Mom Challenge Homeschool - Planning High School 9th grade Fingerprint Curriculum

Jennifer's Fingerprint Curriculum Guide -

I would love for you to write an awesome review!!!! :) Prayers needed!

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Homeschool 2015-2016 Literature, Grammar & Composition Curriculum (High School)

Hey again! Here are our pics for Mini Mama's high school lit, grammar and composition for this upcoming school cycle.

***Correction*** The Prentice Hall Lit text is 9th grade not 11th. However the BJU program is 11th grade which will give her a substantial overarching exposure to American Lit.!

501 Writing Prompts:

Signet Teacher's Literature Guides:...

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What is Homeschool Connections? is an online Catholic curriculum provider of live and recorded courses including theology, philosophy, logic, math, science, languages, English, economics, government, law, test preparation (ACT/SAT), life skills, and writing -- for middle and high school. Parent-led courses for grade school are currently in development.

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What is Illuminations Homeschool Curriculum?

Illuminations is a series of six homeschool curriculum guides, designed for 3rd through 8th graders (plus plans for high school students). With the exception of math, Illuminations outlines everything 3rd-8th graders need to know and presents it from a Christian worldview.

• history

• literature

• Bible

• copywork

• writing

• grammar

• spelling

• vocabulary

• geography

• science

• with some bonus humanities (art, music, and poetry)

Each year of Illuminations takes a...

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Homeschool Update: January 2017

Here's a brief look at how things have been going in our homeschool in January. In this video I discuss a couple of changes to my high schooler's courses. I also discuss how we're attempting to tweak our BJU English curriculum to make the writing component work for us.

And...I've been looking into homeschool curriculum for next school year. Have you?

Below are links to channels/websites that I mentioned in this video. I hope you check them out.

Brave Writer ...

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