Homeschooling ADHD Children -

Homeschooling ADHD children is an excellent solution for many families. Homeschooling ADD and ADHD children provides the one on one attention that will help them thrive. You will probably even find that ADHD home schooling is not as difficult as you may think.

The ADHD child has unique needs. Therefore disciplining and teaching an ADHD child does require more structure and attention than what...

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Parents can Homeschool Children with ADHD… with help ...

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The parents of children with ADHD often undergo years of parent-teacher conferences, poor report cards, promises from school administrators and a general lack of personalized help. It is for these reasons parents eventually get to a point where they say, "Enough is enough. We can do this ourselves!"

The decision to pull a child out of school and into a...

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Homeschool Schedule - How to make your home school schedule

Create your�Homeschool Schedule

If you're feeling overwhelmed, a homeschool schedule will really help!

At first, you may think this is an added 'chore' to do in your homeschool planning, but really it is a way to view your day - to have a overall picture of what things might look like ... and as you plan, it will all seem so much more doable.

Trust me - follow the steps and create your own...

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Homeschool Physical Education - Successful Homeschooling

Homeschool Physical Education

Are you wondering how to teach homeschool physical education?

Those of us who went to traditional schools tend to have a love/hate relationship with physical education. If you were naturally athletic, looked great in gym shorts and adept at dodging dodge balls, you probably loved P.E. If you were uncoordinated, too skinny, too chubby or always the last one picked...

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What are the benefits of homeschooling?

One of the great benefits is being able to pass on one's faith and values. It maximizes parental�influence and lengthens that window of opportunity. Bonding moments and memories together are so much more.

Homeschool also allows a lot of flexibility in terms of choice of curriculum, method of instruction, the learning environment, materials used, and pace...

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Parents Guide to the Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

Even advocates of homeschooling will tell you that it is not the right placement for every family and child. The pros and cons of homeschooling should be carefully weighed before making that decision. Parents must examine the entire process of homeschooling instead of focusing the idea of homeschooling.

Pros of Homeschooling

Flexibility of Time

Homeschooling allows children to learn on their own...

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Southeast Homeschool Expo - July 27-29 - Atlanta, Georgia

Classes, Field Trips, and more!

Get Encouragement for Georgia Homeschooling!

Dedicated to Encouraging Parents as they Raise and Educate their Children

"Get Wisdom Get Knowledge - Forget It Not"

Come to a convention where you can see all kinds of home education materials!

You can buy on-site and order too! Instead of just shopping online, you can actually see the home school curriculum and homeschooling books and make better informed decisions. Hear the best in homeschool speakers that bring wisdom and helpful advice on how to educate children. Georgia homeschooling has...

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Working and Homeschooling

Working and Homeschooling

Many parents are working and homeschooling in order to earn income for their families while reaping the benefits of home education.

Single-parent families and two-parent families that rely on both incomes may work and homeschool in order to make ends meet. Other families work while homeschooling in order to pay for homeschool books, supplies and...

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