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Free Homeschool Curriculum - Successful Homeschooling

Free Homeschool Curriculum

Are you looking for a free homeschool curriculum? Here are some free homeschooling curriculum programs that you can use to teach a variety of subjects.

Art Curriculum

Garden of Praise - Free art appreciation lessons for elementary aged students, includes a biography, study sheet, print, online games, printables and links for further study.

Foreign Language...

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Free Homeschooling Resources

Are you looking for free homeschooling resources?

Here is an extensive collection of free homeschool resources for free online homeschooling. You can use these websites to design a free homeschool curriculum or supplement an existing program.



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Homeschool Reading Curriculum - Successful Homeschooling

Homeschool Reading Curriculum

A good homeschool reading curriculum will build a strong foundation for future studies in your home school.

Once your children can read, they will be able to find out anything else they need to know. Here are some tips and suggestions for choosing a home school reading curriculum.

Phonics vs. Whole Language

When choosing a homeschool reading curriculum, you will...

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Home School Curriculum Fair - Successful Homeschooling

Attending a home school curriculum fair is a great way to find new resources, look through materials that interest you, and save money on purchases. Here are some tried and true tips for navigating a homeschool book fair.

As a self-proclaimed homeschool curriculum junkie, I can't resist home school book fairs. I love discovering new resources, thumbing through materials I've read about online,...

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Homeschool School Room Ideas - Successful Homeschooling

Homeschool School Room Ideas

Declutter your Homeschool School Room

Start by getting rid of...

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Working and Homeschooling

Working and Homeschooling

Many parents are working and homeschooling in order to earn income for their families while reaping the benefits of home education.

Single-parent families and two-parent families that rely on both incomes may work and homeschool in order to make ends meet. Other families work while homeschooling in order to pay for homeschool books, supplies and...

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Disadvantages of Homeschooling


Disadvantages of Homeschooling

When deciding to homeschool, parents should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling so they can prepare for any challenges they may encounter.

Before I decided to homeschool, I looked for solid research on the negative effects of homeschooling. Guess what? I couldn't find any.

However, once I began homeschooling, I found that it...

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Homeschool Physical Education - Successful Homeschooling

Homeschool Physical Education

Are you wondering how to teach homeschool physical education?

Those of us who went to traditional schools tend to have a love/hate relationship with physical education. If you were naturally athletic, looked great in gym shorts and adept at dodging dodge balls, you probably loved P.E. If you were uncoordinated, too skinny, too chubby or always the last one picked...

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a variety of types of games - Homeschool Games


Homeschool Games

Homeschool games are not only fun, they are a great way to reinforce educational concepts and they promote family unity.

In addition to strengthening relationships among family members, homeschooling games promote character development by improving sportsmanship, concentration, patience, discipline and willingness to follow directions. They also build thinking skills,...

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