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Homeschooling Florida - FL Laws, Resources, Support

Homeschooling in Florida!

This site is designed to provide all the information you need to get started, continue, progress, and complete homeschooling students in the state of Florida. We are to give you the homeschool help you need. Please give us your suggestions, opinions, requests, etc. Click Contact at the top of page here.

Here you will find the FL State Statutes that govern home education...  [more...]

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Homeschoolers and Public School Virtual Classes | North ...

There has been a lot of confusion about the status of homeschool students who take public school virtual classes. The confusion began when Iredell County began to offer NC virtual classes to homeschool students in 2012, and the confusion increased when NC virtual charter schools began recruiting students for this fall. After consulting with Katie Cornetto (Staff Attorney, State Board of...  [more...]

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11 places to find cheap homeschool books - Midwest Parent ...

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11 places to find cheap homeschool books

Finding affordable curricula�can challenge even the most experienced homeschool veterans. How do you find the best place, either in your local area or online, to buy cheap homeschool books?

We found several great�answers to that question among our own homeschool community right here in Kansas City.

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One homeschool mom...  [more...]

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