9th Grade Homeschool Curriculum: Pearson Education Programs

9th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

The first year of high school brings a sense of accomplishment for attaining the goal of higher level learning.  During these formative years, your teen may be focused more on social activities and relationships. Encourage them to find learning moments in their activities and share them with you.

Language Arts - Help your ninth grade child develop their skills to evaluate material for accuracy and effective discussion and question techniques. They...

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Online Home School | Homeschooling | Homeschool Program

Online Home School Curriculum

Self-Paced - Individualized - Teacher Support

The Ogburn Online School takes great pride in the academic achievements of our students. The online homeschooling curriculum for each grade level has been designed to provide the proper homeschooling elements necessary to learn grade level appropriate skills, while successfully preparing our students for the next grade...

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Online High Schools | Find K-12 Online Programs

Online high schools use an assortment of student assessment methods, such as quizzes, essays and multiple-choice examinations. Additionally, online high schools may adhere to state testing and assessment schedules, requiring independent students to complete those tests in the same manner as students at traditional high schools.

Are AP courses available?

AP courses are advanced classes available...

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Middle School Writing Curriculum Homeschool | Cover Story ...

A Writing Curriculum middle schoolers look forward to!

!From the creator of The One Year Adventure Novel comes an exciting writing curriculum for mid-grade students.

o Does your middle school student love to write . . .

but you aren't sure how to direct their energy and passion for words?

o Does your middle school student hate to write, but love to read . . . and you don't know how to motivate them?

o Does your middle school student think English is just plain boring?

"...the delivery and learning methods are so different that even reluctant writers are likely to enjoy the process."

~ Cathy Duffy, curriculum reviewer

Cover Story helps engage your...

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HSLDA | Homeschooling Through the Early Years: Testing

Seton provides standardized achievement tests, cognitive abilities tests, career exploration tests, practice tests, an online algebra readiness test and test prep materials. Group discounts available.

CAT E-Survey: Tests for Reading, Language and Math only.

IOWA: Full Battery K-12

Interest Explorer w/ the IOWA

CogAT: Grades 2-12 alone or with the IOWA

TerrraNova 2 (CAT 6): Full Battery K-12...

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Website: hslda.org

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Legal Requirements for Homeschooling in Georgia

Homeschooling is growing in popularity in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. Legal guidelines for homeschoolers vary by state. Here are the state requirements for homeschooling in Georgia.

1. Compulsory Attendance

All Georgia children from ages 6-16 must attend school or be homeschooled. The cut-off date for age is September 1st. 

2. Parent/Guardian Requirements

Parents who homeschool must have a...

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Western Christian Academy - High School

High School

Western Christian Academy offers an accredited homeschool program for all 50 states!

By assisting thousands of families for over 30 years, Western Christian has developed the tools, support, and procedures so families realize the highest level of success.�WCA uses an award-winning internet-based structure for high school with over 50,000 multimedia features. The curriculum presents...

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