Legal Requirements for Homeschooling in Georgia

Homeschooling is growing in popularity in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. Legal guidelines for homeschoolers vary by state. Here are the state requirements for homeschooling in Georgia.

1. Compulsory Attendance

All Georgia children from ages 6-16 must attend school or be homeschooled. The cut-off date for age is September 1st. 

2. Parent/Guardian Requirements

Parents who homeschool must have a...

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Homeschooling in Georgia, laws, curriculum...

To start off with homeschooling in Georgia, you need to gather information about related legal issues and laws. You need to be aware of all the main issues you may have to deal with regarding state rules and curricula. Make sure that you follow the homeschooling laws for Georgia. Major laws all summarized below.

Georgia homeSchool Laws

The homeschooling adults are not required now to submit all attendance to the Georgia Department of Education or the superintendent.

However, parents who have made their mind to provide homeschooling to their child must...

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