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New One-School Policy

The world's largest nation is cracking down on homeschool families. We need to act.--Mike Smith, HSLDA President

Enough Chinese parents have turned to homeschooling to make the movement a concern for the national government.

MIKE� DONNELLEY�HSLDA Director of Global Outreach

In February, the General Office of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of...

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Educational Philosophies Defined, Part I - Simple Homeschool

A note from Jamie: This month on Simple Homeschool, one of our themes is educational philosophy. So it seems like a good time to revisit this post, originally published on February 15, 2010. You can also check out the second part of the post for further reading.

When I first started to research homeschooling, I didn't even realize there was more than one way to "do" education. Growing up in the traditional system, like most of us, I assumed that homeschooling meant duplicating the system at home.

Imagine my surprise (& joy) as I discovered the plethora of educational methods and philosophies...

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The Best Homeschooling Resources Online -

The Best Homeschooling Resources Online

The Best Homeschooling Resources Online

Whether you've made the decision to homeschool or you're still considering the option, here are resources to offer help and guidance.

By Jamie Martin


Tara Donne

According to Brian Ray, Ph.D., president of the National Home Education Research Institute, homeschooling is currently "the fastest-growing form of...

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General Information About Homeschooling - HSC

General Information About Homeschooling

What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is an increasingly popular educational alternative in which children learn outside of conventional schools under the general supervision of their parents.

Some homeschooling families operate like small-scale versions of conventional schools, with textbooks and tests and traditional grades. Other families freely adapt...

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Holistic Homeschooling -- The Homeschool Diner ...

Enki Education -- (K - 6) currently available, teaching guides, resource

guides of stories and activities, and full (or partial) curriculum for K - 2.  

Enki is a "Contemplative Education" that seeks human wisdom and vitality,

wherever they arise, "in all people, in all cultures, in all times."  An

approach that incorporates elements of many educational philosophies

and religions and integrates...

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About BJU Press | BJU Press Homeschool


About Us

BJU Press is a publisher of textbooks and video lessons for homeschool families. We are committed to creating materials that help parents deliver an education that is based on sound educational principles, inspires a joy in learning, and is rooted in a solid biblical worldview. We believe this approach helps children see how all learning is connected and important. As mastery...

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Delayed Instruction -- Homeschool Diner --

The Homeschool Diner's Guide to

Delayed Instruction for Homeschoolers

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

There are several homeschool philosophies which support the concept that not all children are "ready"

to read and write at age five.  Some of the more familiar approaches include, Unschooling, Waldorf or

Steiner, Charlotte Mason, and Raymond Moore.  These methods aim to avoid the stress...

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Classical education movement - Wikipedia

8 External links

Three Phases of Modern Education Linked to Classical Education[ edit ]

Classical education developed many of the terms now used to describe modern education. Western classical education has three phases, each with a different purpose. The phases are roughly coordinated with human development , and would ideally be exactly coordinated with each individual student's...

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Homeschooling FAQs | www.south-african-homeschool ...

Answers to homeschooling FAQ's for families that are new to home education or starting out on the homeschool journey.

Be sure to sign follow the 7 part FREE E-course for Tips For Starting Homeschooling. Read more about it here!

Scroll down to the list Homeschooling FAQ's

Whatever the reasons for considering education at home, being new to homeschooling, you probably still have many questions that...

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Homeschool Organizations in Mahoning County

Homeschool Eclectic Lifelong Learners Organization (HELLO)

We are based in Youngstown and offer monthly meetings, a parent newsletter and a children's newsletter, a lending library, help for new homeschoolers, speakers field trips, and extra curricular classes.

Serving counties: Mahoning


Christian Home School support group. We...

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Homeschooling Today |

Homeschoolers today form a diverse population, cutting across most, if not all, ethnic, religious, political, and economic backgrounds. Wherever they come from, these families work with what is available to them, finding or creating resources that assist in their homeschooling endeavors and meet their individual needs and aspirations. Families living in rural areas, for example, surrounded by...

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Ten Options for a Christian Computer-based Homeschool ...

Providing Your Homeschooler With a Computer-Based Christian Curriculum

written by: Tere Scott o edited by: Donna Cosmato o updated: 3/25/2014

Technology and computers enhance learning when they come alongside homeschooling parents as teaching tools. Many Christian homeschoolers educate their children at home because of their religious beliefs, and use a...

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How to Homeschool in Mississippi - Moving Beyond the Page

choose a different state

If you are interested in homeschooling your child, the Magnolia state is a great place to get started. Mississippi is one of the easiest places to begin homeschooling your children. It has only one regulation that you must follow; the rest is up to you and how you believe your family will learn best.

In this article you will find the following:

An overview of Mississippi...

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Homeschooling In Michigan

Detroit Zoological Park

The Detroit Zoological Park consists of 125 acres of naturalistic exhibits. The Detroit Zoo is a natural habitat for more than 3,000 animals and 700 varieties of trees, shrubbery and flowering plants. Of the 340 species at the Zoo, 64 are officially listed as endangered or threatened and two are extinct in the wild. Major exhibits include the Arctic Ring of Life, the...

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Alberta Homeschool Programs – Homeschool Canada

Alberta Homeschool Programs

Click on the links to explore the homeschool program options available to you in Alberta.

Alberta Distance Learning Centre   Alberta Distance Learning Centre is a critical partner in the Alberta education system, providing 21st century learning opportunities to meet the diverse and evolving needs of Alberta's students and the workplace.  ADLC offers core and...

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Homeschooling in Pearblossom 93553 -

Pearblossom93553If you are consider homeschooling in Pearblossom 93553 getting the right homeschool curriculum or program is essential. Many home schools in California advertise in the classifieds ads section of local papers in offering online or virtual homeschooling groups or forums.

A good way to find the best hommrdchooling options in Californiais to check out your own connections and any...

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A Beka Book :: A Beka Book and Common Core

A Beka Book and Common Core

A Beka Book is committed to providing the finest educational resources for Christian schools and homeschool families. Accordingly, we routinely monitor educational trends in curriculum and assessment to evaluate them in light of traditional Christian values and objectives. Our goal is to continually improve A Beka Book materials by providing the most up-to-date...

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Christian Homeschool Curriculum - Classical Conversations

Posted June 8, 2015

Christian Homeschool Curriculum

It's been estimated that as many as 90% of school-aged children are being educated in public schools. The remaining students are split between private schools and homeschools. According to most education researchers, the percentage of students enrolling each year in private schools is on the decline, while the percentage of students in...

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