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General Information About Homeschooling - HSC

General Information About Homeschooling

What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is an increasingly popular educational alternative in which children learn outside of conventional schools under the general supervision of their parents.

Some homeschooling families operate like small-scale versions of conventional schools, with textbooks and tests and traditional grades. Other families freely adapt...

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HomeSchool Association of California1Immunizations

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Vaccination Requirements and Exemptions

The California Health and Safety Code says that no student may be admitted to any public or private school for the first time, or admitted or advanced to 7th grade, unless that student is fully immunized for his or her age.

Homeschoolers Exemption

Pupils enrolled in home-based private schools and students enrolled in independent study...

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Withdrawing Your Child From School Mid-Year

You can withdraw your child from school mid-year and start homeschooling. Many schools are supportive of homeschooling and can provide you with help and resources. However, withdrawing a child mid-year may be a little more complicated than starting homeschooling at the beginning of the school year, because the school has a record of your child and may be unwilling to lose a student. The school...

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HomeSchool Association of California1Pulling Your Child ...

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Pulling Your Child Out of School

Children with special needs often receive services from the public schools they attend because of a law saying that schools must provide a "free and appropriate education" to children; if special services are required to make the education appropriate for that child, then the public schools must provide them at no cost. When public schools...

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California Compulsory Education - HSC

Homeschooling is legal in California. Because the California Education Code never explicitly mentions homeschooling, the right of parents to homeschool their children is open to legal interpretation. However, this is true of many rights not explicitly delineated in the law.

Brief Overview of State Law as it Applies to Homeschooling

Yes, homeschooling is legal in California. Because the California...

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legal options - HSC

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Open Letter Regarding Homeschooling Legality

March 9, 2015

Attention California parents, lawmakers, and other interested parties:

It has recently come to my attention, in the course of my duty as an attorney member of the HomeSchool Association of California's legal team, that there is some confusion being spread as to the status of homeschooling in...

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HomeSchool Association of California1Home Page

HSC's Facebook PAGE is updated daily with news, information, commentary, and fun!

HSC's Facebook GROUP is for homeschooling discussion. Ask questions, find resources, get support,...

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