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Introducing New Ideas to Kids: Staying the Course. Homeschooling Encouragement by Brave Writer

Day 35 of A Gracious Space: Fall provides encouragement for those times when something new gets off to a rough start or when something good simply takes a long time, such a child who is struggling to read.

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Education Philosophies: Which is best? Homeschooling Encouragement by Julie Bogart

Day 9 of the daily readings by Julie Bogart of Brave Writer to support you in your courageous homeschool efforts. The various educational philosophies and programs out there all make a lot of promises-- some of which compete with one another. Which one is best for your child? For you family? And where does your own vision fit in?

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Tea with Julie: The Foundations of Home Education (Part Two)

Part Two of Julie Bogart's talk, The Foundations of Home Education. Here's PART ONE:

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Table Top Games with Noah

By popular request, Noah shares his PASSION for games–the kind that don’t require a computer or gaming system.

List of the games mentioned:

Recorded on Periscope 12/30/2015 07:35 PM UTC by BraveWriter

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