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What is Illuminations Homeschool Curriculum?

Illuminations is a series of six homeschool curriculum guides, designed for 3rd through 8th graders (plus plans for high school students). With the exception of math, Illuminations outlines everything 3rd-8th graders need to know and presents it from a Christian worldview.

• history

• literature

• Bible

• copywork

• writing

• grammar

• spelling

• vocabulary

• geography

• science

• with some bonus humanities (art, music, and poetry)

Each year of Illuminations takes a...

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North Star Geography Homeschool Curriculum by Bright Ideas Press

Geography is more than just place names and outline maps—it's understanding how the world around us works! North Star Geography gives students a deep understanding of how geography impacts all of us every day—with real-life applications for college, career, citizenship, and ministry. This year-long junior high or high school level curriculum covers geography skills, physical geography, and human geography from a Christian perspective.

See the product page in the BIP store►...

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Introducing The Mystery of History, Homeschool Curriculum

Tyler, from Bright Ideas Press, gives a quick tour through The Mystery of History, a Christian, chronological history curriculum for homeschoolers in grades Kindergarten through high school.

For more information, call 877-492-8081 or visit our website at

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Christian Kids Explore Science Series by Bright Ideas Press

Tyler Hogan explains the Christian Kids Explore Science series from Bright Ideas Press. This Christian, homeschool science curriculum is for elementary and middle school students.

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Why and How to Choose a Christian Homeschool Curriculum?

Bright Ideas Press hosts a panel discussion by Tyler Hogan, Sam Kelley, and Suzanne Broadhurst on the topic of Why and How to Choose a Christian Homeschool Curriculum. Jimmie Lanley served as moderator.

Among other things, the panel touched on

►What subjects especially should be taught with a Christian homeschool curriculum? ►What do you do about curriculum that isn't Christian?

►Aren't you just sheltering your children to use a Christian curriculum?

Join the discussion on the event...

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Pros and Cons of Early Homeschool Graduation

Join Tyler Hogan, homeschool dad and president of Bright Ideas Press, as he discusses both sides of the early homeschool graduation issue -- the pros and the cons. Tyler graduated from high school very early and went off to a private Christian university at age 16! In this talk, he gets personal about his experience.

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How to Make Homeschool Science Come Alive

Join +Tyler Hogan , +Heather Woodie , +Ticia M , +Susan Evans , and hostess +Jimmie Lanley  as we talk about bringing homeschool science to life. We will cover these topics:

•feeling inadequate as a science teacher

•science as investigation

•special supplies that don't cost that much

•hands-on activities and science in the kitchen

•science field trips

•preschool science

Can't make it live? No problem! Watch the replay whenever you want.

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Got Geography?

This humorous skit is based on actual events that happened to Tyler Hogan. Dela-where? Yes, Delaware.

See the BIP geography line of curriculum products ►

Already a lover of all things geography, Tyler was further convinced by this telephone dialogue of the need for a high quality, homeschool geography curriculum written from a Christian perspective.

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Creating a Homeschool Schedule that Works for You

Let's talk about homeschool schedules -- rigid, flexible, or none at all. Do you need a schedule for your homeschool? We will discuss the pros and cons and outline the pitfalls on either sides. Real homeschool moms will share their own practical tips for evaluating a schedule, modifying it, and getting back on track when you've fallen off the wagon. 

Panelists include +Tyler Hogan from Bright Ideas Press and homeschool moms +Susan Evans +Heather Woodie +Ticia M and +Sam Kelley .


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How to Easily Add Geography to Your Homeschool

Geography for Homeschool:

maps, activities beyond maps, books, atlases, tools, literature

Plus Geography Quest and Adventure Boxes from Heather Woodie.

See the event page for this hangout for links and conversation:

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