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Phases of Reading | Different Learning Styles | Bridgeway Academy

Phases of Reading | Different Learning Styles | Homeschooling Help In A Minute | Bridgeway Academy

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In this video Kimberly Kulp talks about reading and how it's probably the most difficult to teach a child but can be fun for a homeschooling parent.

Lay a good foundation of what the Phases of Reading are:

Phase 1: Emergent Reader

Phase 2: Early Reader

Phase 3: Transitional Reader

Phase 4: Fluent...

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Why Choose Bridgeway Academy Online Homeschooling

Why should your child consider homeschooling, and what are the benefits of online homeschool programs? See how Bridgeway has the best online homeschooling program around to make learning engaging and fun! Find out more.

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Get a Winning Homeschool Education with Bridgeway Academy

Thinking about homeschooling your child? Bridgeway is an accredited program offering one of the best homeschool curriculums to students from 1st grade to 9th grade. See how we structure and deliver world-class flexible homeschool curriculum so you can focus entirely on your child.

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Learn More About Bridgeway Academy Accredited Homeschooling

Why consider homeschooling? You want the best education for your child, just like Abby does. That’s why she's choosing Bridgeway Academy Homeschooling, an accredited homeschool program. So change up your education today and see just how fun learning can be!

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Nurturing Dreams: Succeed No Matter Where You Are Thanks to Bridgeway’s Homeschool Curriculum

Before choosing Bridgeway Homeschool Academy for her education, Kelsy Johnson struggled to stay focused on her studies. As part of a military family, she moved around through much of her childhood. Then, Kelsy’s mother introduced her to Bridgeway’s accredited homeschool curriculum and it has blessed Kelsy with renewed motivation.

We believe every child should receive the best education possible and that moving periodically should not be a distraction to a child’s education. Thanks to...

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Nurturing Dreams: How Elizabeth Excelled with Homeschooling from Bridgeway Academy

“Ebee” Price comes home after grueling eight-hour training days, excited to do her schoolwork! That’s because she and her family chose Bridgeway Homeschool Academy. Bridgeway’s customizable learning experience and supportive staff allowed her to create a schedule that would push her to reach her goals, something regular school would just not allow time for. As it does for each individual student, Bridgeway guided Ebee and her family through the ins and outs of homeschooling, giving her...

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The Benefits of Homeschooling: Taking the Path Toward a Brighter Future

Want your child to receive the best possible education? Discover the benefits of homeschooling from top Bridgeway students and see if the benefits of homeschooling are right for your child.

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Homeschool Acedemy Bridgeway Academy Accredited Homeschooling

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