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FUN science curriculum for kids!

We are approaching the end of our zoology unit in our elementary science curriculum for Homeschool, Nancy Larson Science. One of our last activities was making a mammal riddle, the kids made me leave the room and had such fun tricking me! Come check out this fun science program!

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Homeschool Planet Virtual Review

Looking for a homeschool planner and don't know where to start? Come check out this virtual review of Homeschool Planet, an online homeschool planning tool that is so full of features it took nearly 10 minutes to cover my top ten favorite things!

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What is a Lapbook?

Ever wondered what a lapbook is? Or maybe you've heard of them but aren't sure how to use them? This little video shows a completed lapbook we did with Home School in the Woods. It is a disc or download purchase, all we had to do was print, cut, color, and glue! It is a great way to organize information, learn in stages, and make learning hands on and fun! You can do a lapbook for ANYTHING, have your kids put together a presentation at the end. For more amazing and simple lapbooks like this...

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This Homeschool Organization Method could Change the Way you Homeschool!

Have you heard of the homeschool workbox system? This homeschool organization method can make your day run smoother AND faster giving you more time to do what you WANT to do in your day! Read the full blog post to find out 5 ways to adapt the homeschool workboxes to fit your family here: http://hiphomeschoolingblog.com/workbox-system/

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Foreign Languages for Kids Testimonial

Foreign Languages for Kids Testimonial: Why this homeschool mom of five loves Foreign Languages for Kids!

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