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Using Online Learning for Middle and High School Homeschool

Curious about using online learning in your homeschool for middle and high school? Today we have a special guest joining us, +Standard Deviants Accelerate  (http://www.sdaccelerate.com/). They’ll be sharing their expertise on using online learning for middle and high school homeshoolers.  

Discussion topics

1. What are the advantages of online learning for teens? 

•How does online learning help teens stay engaged?

•How does online learning give teens individualized...

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Earning College Credit while Homeschooling High School - iHomeschool Hangout

Can a high school homeschool student earn college credit while still working through high school at home? Absolutely! Our panelists will discuss how their high school students are earning college credit while homeschooling - a viable option for saving time and money during their college careers. Featured Guest: Dual Credit (http://dualcreditathome.com/)

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Teaching Creative Writing in your Homeschool

Join panelists +Jamie Unlikely  and +Brenda D Priddy  as we discuss the role of creative writing in the homeschool language arts curriculum. 

We will discuss these topics:

•Why should you encourage your kids to write creatively? Aren’t essays and research papers more important and more practical than writing short stories and novels?

•What are some good ways to teach creative writing? What materials do you recommend?

•When do you start teaching it? When do kids out grow it?


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Online Classes for Homeschooling

Online classes can be a wonderful way to expand your homeschool learning -- you can utilize them to explore an interest or meet a homeschool requirement. Our panelists will share how they put these resources to use in their homes. 

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Field Trips for Homeschool: iHomeschool Hangout

Field Trips for Homeschool: iHomeschool Hangout

with Heidi Ciravola, Angela Hoffman, Dianna Kennedy, and Jimmie Lanley

What are ways to make field trips affordable? How can you keep teens happy on field trips with younger siblings? When you take a field trip to you go home and "do school?" How do you prepare or follow up for field trips if at all?

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Music Appreciation for Homeschool

Join us to discuss how to add music appreciation into your already busy homeschool day. Music educator and homeschool mom, +Mary Prather , will be sharing practical ways to make this easy even if you don't know about music yourself.

Topics we will be discussing:

1. How do I easily teach my children to appreciate beautiful music if I don't understand it myself? 

2. How do I make time in an already busy day to incorporate music education?

3. WHY is it important for my children to learn about...

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Homeschooling the Only Child - an iHomeschool Hangout on Air

Homeschooling the Only Child - an iHomeschool Hangout on Air

What are the challenges and advantages of homeschooling an only child? How do you deal with the strange questions or feeling awkward as a mom to an only in a community that is overwhelmingly families of many children?

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Socializing the Homeschooled Child --iHomeschool Hangout

Socializing the Homeschooled Child, Sept. 12, 2013 iHN iHomeschool Hangout

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Guests are Sade Tagbo, Sam Kelley, Jimmie Lanley, and Colleen Kessler. The hostess is Dianna Kennedy.

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Must Have Homeschooling Items: iHomeschool Hangouts

Must Have Homeschooling Items


Six homeschool moms share their recommendations for what you really need for teaching your kids at home -- high school, preschool, gifted learners, etc.

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Teaching Writing in Your Homeschool- an iHomeschool Hangout

Along with sponsor and writing expert Lily Iatridis from Fortuigence.com, the bloggers of iHN tackle the ins and outs of teaching our children writing. What are the best ways to deal with a reluctant writer? How important is grammar, handwriting, and punctuation? What should children at each grade be able to do in terms of writing?

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