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Homeschool Summer 2016 Tag

Hope you all enjoyed this Homeschool Summer 2016 Tag!!

Homeschool Summer 2016 Tag

1. Do you do any school curriculum over the summer?

2. Do you have a set date for the start and stop of summer? Are they the same each year?

3. Do you have any traditions for the end of school?

4. Do you keep a schedule during summer? Is it the same as during the school year?

5. Are you going on vacation this summer?

6. Do you do any organized summer activities?

7. Do you do a summer reading list or specified...

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Need help choosing a homeschool curriculum?

In this video I go through and show you the homeschool curriculum I use for K-5 and 2nd grade. I hope this helps you pick a curriculum that works for you.

I did this video to be informative, but always make sure that you don't let the curriculum control you, it's your homeschool and most importantly no matter what you do, make it FUN and be sure to GO OUTSIDE and enjoy God's beautiful creation!!

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