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Homeschooling for College Credit: Webinar Promo

This exciting, interactive homeschooling online webinar will highlight key aspects of turning your teen's homeschool experience into highly productive college-credit earning opportunities!

Become an amazing high school guidance counselor

Top 10 "must have" high school resources

Game plans for average homeschooled kids

Game plans for highly motivated homeschool kids

Do-it-yourself $5000 scholarship for homeschooling

Keeping records and creating a transcript

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Sparks Martial Arts on Charlotte Homeschooling

Sparks Martial Arts has a homeschool martial arts program and it is expanding. On Charlotte Homeschooling website he talks about his homeschool program called Home Kicks and teaching kids martial arts in Charlotte NC

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Across the Table with Sensei Kris Sparks

Interview with Sensei Kris Sparks of Sparks Martial Arts in stallings nc. Sparks is starting a special class for homeschoolers. Home Kicks is a martial arts class for homeschooling kids those that homeschool their kids.

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