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Homeschool Start to Finish-The Lybrands talk about the Robinson Curriculum (Part 1)

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Like Terry Neven, I think you can make sense of Home Schooling Your Kids and see the Benefits of Home Schooling : Benefits of Home Schooling...if it's done the right way. Classical Education is essential and Art Robinson's Curriculum is one way to do it. Dr. and Mrs. Lybrand have homeschooled their five children over the past 23 years (2 in just graduated from the University of Texas with honors). They are sharing the overview of how it...

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Are Your Kids Learning Enough in Homeschool?

One of the great problems homeschool educators face is a lack of confidence in asking, "Are my kids learning enough?" In this video, Dr. Lybrand explains what your students really need to know for college readiness. This simple conviction can be a game-changer for most of us! Visit for more information!

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Homeschool Writing Curriculum Mom

Angie S., a homeschool mother of 5, tells how The Writing Course:

Helped her whole family

Gave her a simply and effective teaching method

Amazed her husband

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Homeschool Writing Curriculum

Listen to Monica, Peter, Zak, Jamie, & Alycia tell how

Their writing gets better

They worry less

They save time

...and a lot more!

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Homeschool Writing / Educators' Writing Course

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