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Homeschool Connections offers courses across the spectrum. A homeschool mom looking to create a full curriculum built on our online courses will be able to fill most, if not all, her needs.

Many parents do this by combining live, interactive courses with the recorded, independent-learning courses (Unlimited Access). However, it can also be...

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Online Homeschool Physics Classes


Available again in 2015/2016!!!

Welcome to Homeschool Connections Physics all prospective students and parents! Physics can be taken live online in the fall, or as an independent-study course any time of the year. Either way, I am excited to work with you as we join together on an adventure through the mechanical workings of God's universe. Be sure to sign up for Mechanical Physics or Conceptual Physics. And remember, "Physics is Phun!"


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Why Should I Learn Shakespeare: Catholic Homeschooling


Dr. Henry Russell teaches classical literature for Homeschool Connections, a Catholic online curriculum provider. His courses, including many Shakespeare courses, can be take in two ways. 1. As live, interactive classes. 2. As recorded, independent-learning courses.

To learn more about Dr. Russell go to https://youtu.be/j4Fycqdtglc

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Negative form lesson (essential pronunciation tricks)

French lesson on the negative form in French. Join other homeschoolers from around the country for French classes online. You can also take our self-study course at http://www.languagecityacademy.com.

#homeschooling #homeschoolers #unschooling

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Upgrade South African Matric Marks online

Demonstrating a few features of Elroi Academy's online Mathematics course for use by South African Matriculants

Our online courses can be used for extra help in grade 12 with Maths or Physics, Upgrading (rewriting) Maths and Physics including SBA mark or for homeschooling support.

For more info go to www.elroiacademy.org

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Meet Sean Welsh, Algebra 1 instructor

Meet Sean Welsh, course designer and instructor for HSLDA Online Academy’s new Algebra 1 course! Sean is a homeschool dad and public school teacher, with 14 years of experience teaching high school math.

HSLDA Online Academy offers interactive, teacher-led high school classes for homeschooled students and private school students who want to supplement their education.

View our full course listing here: http://academy.hslda.org/courses/?YT515a

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Training Video Sneak Peak

We are working diligently on some online courses and downloadable content for homeschool parents to teach their children music theory! Here is our sneak peak video!

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Homeschool High School Students Produce TV Series, Comic Strip with Online Course

Frontier Christian Academy's "The Media and the Message" Course coaches homeschool high schoolers through creating, editing, producing, and publishing a bi-weekly comic strip, a 4-episode TV series, and multiple video advertisements, as a means to create a rising generation of visual storytellers.

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Convert to Judaism finishes online homeschooling program explains why

Convert to Judaism finishes online homeschooling program explains why

Award winning ONLINE CONVERSION TO JUDAISM PROGRAM-Gold Medal in Adult Jewish Education/Supervised by Beit Din of Jewish Conversion Academy of Chicago and Online Jewish Certification and Training


Mobile phone 847-331-3584 email rabbi@jconversion.org

Course testimonials

It was a great course.. and so much fun! You make Judaism seem so easy. Mary from Monoco.

Thanks again for converting me, you changed my...

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From: Jewish Learning

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