How We Do a Saxon Math Lesson in Our Homeschool

A typical Saxon #homeschool math lesson, using Saxon 5/4, Third Edition.

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From: Mary Prather

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Homeschool Math Class

This is an explanation of our homeschool math and computer enrichment class.

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From: Homeschool Life

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Margie's Math Homeschooling Experience

Homeschool Mentor Margie Abbitt shares her experience in Homeschooling post-elementary Math . For more information, please visit:

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From: Triad Math

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How Homeschooling Post-Elementary Math Works

Homeschool Mentor Margie Abbitt interviews Master Math Teacher Dr. Del and discusses how homeschooling post-elementary works. For more information, please visit:

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From: Triad Math

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Counting 7s, Jerry Mortensen Math Puppets Kids Montessori K-12 Homeschool tutorial videos

Counting by Fours 7s with Mortensen Math Puppets. Math, Kids Montessori K-12 Homeschool Kids Math tutoring videos Calculus, Trigonometry, Fractions, Algebra, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Factoring, Home School, Home-School, Montessori.

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From: RealLoveSong

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I love Math. Learn why and how! I Homeschool. I am seven-years-old

How to Homeschool with Math!

All about:

Math Puzzles,

Fun-schooling Math,

How Math Works,

Bible Games Math,

Doodle Yourself Smart,

Comic Book Math,

Littlest Math Book. -

Thinking Tree Books -

Books by Sarah Janisse Brown

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From: Sarah Janisse Brown - Fun-Schooling Mom

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A+ Interactive Math Homeschool Math Curriculum - Individual Grade Levels

Math teaching, tutoring, and learning resources and more. Comprehensive math curriculum for homeschoolers, independent use, classrooms, and schools. Fun, colorful and engaging Video lessons teach math concepts, Interactive Review reinforce math concepts, worksheets and test, automatic grading N tracking, Parental controls, and more...

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From: Homeschool MATH APlusTutorSoft

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Teaching Fractions to Homeschoolers

TabletClass Math complete courses in middle and high school math. Perfect for homeschoolers and those that want to learn math on their own. A great option for those that are using math u see saxon teaching textbooks aleks chalkdust thinkwell and other homeschool math courses.

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From: TabletClass Math

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WCHS Math Training for Homeschool Teachers

A training session for math homeschool teachers from Whitmore Charter High School and Whitmore CPL in Ceres, CA.

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From: George Somers

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Homeschool Math Curriculum Choice and Right Start Math Review

This is our homeschool math curriculum choice, Right Start Math. It is the right fit for our family with hands on and visual learning that focuses on the understanding not the memorization of math.

Here is a link of the kit on amazon

Level A

Level B

Level C

Level D

Level E

Find more information on homeschooling at

or find me on social media by...

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From: Simplified Homeschool

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