5 Tips When Searching For A Math Curriculum Homeschool

Find out what things you should be looking for when searching for a math curriculum homeschool programs.


You will see what is working in math for our large family.

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From: Jill Craft

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Pros and Cons of 3 Elementary Math Programs for Homeschoolers

Part 3 of 3 comparing math programs, here Abel and Nehemiah give you some of the pros and cons of each of these math options: JUMP! Math, Horizon's Math and Mathematical Reasoning. In our Complete Curriculum Kits we've opted to include both Math Reasoning and JUMP! Math in grades 1 and 2. We've opted to switch to Teaching Textbooks from 3rd grade on. (They don't yet make any lower grades than that.)

The most important tip we can give you? Stay with what works for your child and your...

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From: timberdoodleco

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Homeschool Math Problem Simplifying Square Roots and Radicals TabletClass Math

John Zimmerman, http://www.tabletclass.com, explains how to simplify square roots and radicals. These type of problems are vital skills to master pre-algebra, algebra 1 and high school math courses. TabletClass Math is a full course math program for homeschoolers and other independent learners.

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From: TabletClass Math

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Introducing Phil4 Live Online Math, Physics & Programming Classes/Tutoring

Dynamic Live Online Math, Physics & Programming Classes By A Christian Homeschooling Ph.D. See http://phil4.com for more information.

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From: phil4instructor

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Why we use Saxon Math in our Homeschool

Saxon Math is sold in our book store, it's a wonderful math program.



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From: FEAST Family Educators Alliance of South Texas

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Homeschool Curriculum Review: Saxon Math 5/4

Want a closer look at Saxon's 5/4 math program for homeschool? In this video I show you the student text, solutions manual, and worksheets. If you have any questions, please post below.

Have you used Saxon Math in your homeschool? I'd love to know what you think of the program...

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From: Homeschool on the Hill

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Quarter Mile Math 4 Keys Homeschool Math

http://www.lovetolearn.net Homeschool Math What makes this program so incredibly popular?! I wanted to find out, so I installed it on my computer and let my kids try it out. I could hear Ammon (then 7 yrs.) at the computer making racing car sounds with his mouth and getting quite excited. Why? Because he was beating his own previous scores at multiplying by 9s! Well, I was instantly sold! I havent seen anything generate so much enthusiasm for mastering basic math!

The game is very...

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From: rickhopk

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Benefits of homeschooling your kids

to make sure your child is following a reliable curriculum you should look for one among accredited homeschool programs.


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From: Homeschool Curriculum

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Homeschool ALEKS Math - TabletClass.com

TabletClass.com - http://www.tabletclass.com- provides full course instruction to homeschoolers. TabletClass Math lessons align to ALEKS course programs. Do you need help with ALEKS Math? Check out TabletClass Math Courses- our instruction is very clear and understandable designed to get students ready for college level math.

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From: TabletClass Math

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What is Mastery Versus Spiral Math?

Many math programs state that they use a circular or spiral approach. Others call themselves a mastery approach. But what do these terms mean? Homeschoolers need to understand the terms so that they can pick out the best math program for their students. Read a math program comparison here: http://www.timberdoodlecompany.com/doodleblog/2011/02/21/comparing-timberdoodles-5-different-math-curriculums/ or shop for homeschool math programs here: http://www.timberdoodle.com/homeschooling_math_s/17.htm

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From: timberdoodleco

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