Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum: Reading & Writing

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We are a homeschooling family and post several homeschool videos a week including workbox videos, books we are reading, and hauls! We enjoy sharing our homeschool curriculum, games, activities and our homeschooling life in general!

Aside from homeschooling videos, we also do toy unboxings, family game days, fun challenges, product reviews, dollhouse crafts, geocaching adventures, Disney adventures and much more!

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From: Me & My Little Smartypants

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Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum (2016-2017)

Welcome! Today on Raising Joyfulness I'm talking homeschool curriculum for our Kindergartner! I go through all the curriculums we've been using for the 2016-2017 school year. I cover my likes and dislikes about Oak Meadow, All About Reading, Math U See, Behold and See (Catholic Heritage Curricula), and Mother of Divine Grace School syllabus.

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Usborne Books & More Independent...

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From: Raising Joyfulness

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Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum

Hi there! Here I show you the curriculum I have chosen for our 4 1/2 year old daughter. We will be doing Kindergarten slowly with her, since she is so young :)

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From: Ourbeautifullifeinanutshell Amy

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Hey, it's Julie here! I just completed my first year homeschooling my firstborn, Elijah. He finished kindergarten, and today I'm doing a review on the curriculum we used. I've been looking into what we should use next for grade 1...I'm open to recommendations!

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From: Mama to Four

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Cle kII - kindergarten curriculum Review

Christian light education has a k2 program that consist of 5 workbook light units and 5 activity book light units. This is a flip through preview and review of our homeschool kindergarten curriculum

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From: Just Sew Trish

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Homeschooling Kindergarten Curriculum

Ideas for teaching your 4-6 year old. Your year can be so much fun!

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From: Kathy Jansen

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Our Kindergarten and 2nd grade homeschool curriculum for 2017

This is the curriculum we have picked out for our soon to be Kindergartener and soon to be second grader for the fall 2017 school year! I also go e a glimpse into how we currently set up our school work for our 1st grader at the end.

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From: Bethany Dougherty

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Homeschool curriculum books Kindergarten

Books are 80% below retail. Company comes to your location to setup!

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From: MochaMommy7

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Oak Meadow Kindergarten Curriculum Unboxing

This is the Kindergarten curriculum with the enrichment package. We also got the preschool lesson book. We're looking at using this as independent homeschoolers, not the distance learning option.

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From: TheSimpleMommy

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Homeschool Kindergarten Notebook

My homeschool kindergarten notebook is set up to keep us organized in our everyday homeschool life! We use it for calendar time as well as keeping our curriculum for each subject organized.

This video walks you through our kindergarten notebook to inspire your homeschool organizational ideas. To access the notes and resources mentioned in this video go here:


* Be sure...

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From: Leigh Ann Dutton

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