Oak Meadow Kindergarten Curriculum Unboxing

This is the Kindergarten curriculum with the enrichment package. We also got the preschool lesson book. We're looking at using this as independent homeschoolers, not the distance learning option.

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From: TheSimpleMommy

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My Fathers World First Grade Homeschool Curriculum (1st Revised Edition 2013)

An overview of what comes with the Revised 2013 edition of (MFW) My Fathers World 1st grade Curriculum (Basic Package). This is the homechool curriculum that we plan on using this coming year for our 6 year old daughter. Let me know if you have any questions & subscribe to keep up with our homeschooling journey. We show homeschool activities through out the day on our instagram account & there will be more Homeschool videos to come in September. "

Our Kindergarten curriculum from last year (we...

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From: Raising Bushs

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Sonlight Box Day! South Africa Homeschooling - Whats in box number 1?

Here we open box number 1.

This is our first year homeschooling.

Kindergarten curriculum with handpicked Sonlight Gr3 package.

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From: Tracy Behr

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