Homeschooling English 9-12: Creative Writing Features Summary Video

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Teaching Creative Writing in your Homeschool

Join panelists +Jamie Unlikely  and +Brenda D Priddy  as we discuss the role of creative writing in the homeschool language arts curriculum. 

We will discuss these topics:

•Why should you encourage your kids to write creatively? Aren’t essays and research papers more important and more practical than writing short stories and novels?

•What are some good ways to teach creative writing? What materials do you recommend?

•When do you start teaching it? When do kids out grow it?


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Creative Writing for Homeschoolers

Wordsmith by Janie B. Cheaney is a creative writing course for grades 7-9, that will give students the tools and motivation for expressing their thoughts and experiences on paper.

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Lower School Creative Writing Courses - Homeschool Curriculum

Creative Writing is the crown jewel of our curricula. Starting with the most basic basics which explain what writing is, the student rapidly develops a complete understanding of the elements of great story telling, including plotting, characterization, dialogue and action. These are thoroughly detailed, and the student is always given many exercises, in order to truly improve their understanding and skills. This part of our curricula, authored by an Emmy-award winning writer/educator, has been...

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IEW Story Quest Creative Writing Lesson Plans IEW publishes Story Quest to provide Creative Writing Lesson Plans so homeschool moms & classroom teachers can teach how to write a story

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Homeschooling English And Writing

Hi! I am Sonya, one of the few 2nd generation homeschooling families from If your child is struggling with writing and English, you're not alone! Find out how my son couldn't write until high school age. Here I share my homeschool secrets, creative writing ideas and offer reassurance. More help and support on my facebook page:

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Creative Writing For Homeschoolers: Genre

In video 2 Jane talks about genres and sub-genres.

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50 Creative Writing Prompts - Danger, Mystery & Adventure Thinking Tree Sarah Brown

A Fun-Schooling Journal for Creative Writing - Ages 10 and Up. This intriguing book will inspire you student to write stories packed with adventure, mystery, fun, danger and humor. Your student will need to do a some research to complete some of the stories by delving into topics related to Geography and Social Studies.

Use this fun book of creative writing prompts as part of your homeschooling curriculum plan. This book is best for boys ages 10 to 17.

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50 FUN Creative Writing Prompts by Estera Janisse Brown

50 FUN Creative Writing Prompts - Just for Teen Girls: Spark Your Fun-Schooling Adventure! (Purse-Sized Homeschooling Books for Teens) (Volume 1)

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Homeschool Creative Writing: Plot & Structure

Series description: There are a total of six parts to the Write Your Own Fiction Book Series. Students can jump into the series at any time. Once you have completed all 6 mini-courses, you can have the tools for a completed book! Take as live, interactive courses or as recorded, independent courses (grading available).

This is a great way to introduce great writing skills to your child, free up your time for other homeschool...

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