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History and Reader Books

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From: Simplistic Lives

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Cycle 2 History / Homeschooling

History books for littles through middle school.

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From: A. Cherry

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Homeschooling UK KS3 History

What books i use in history and recommend KS3

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From: maria preston Homeschooling UK

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Freeing My Family History - Day 12 - Nutrition & Homeschool Books

Today I went through Nutrition and Homeschool Books. It is going to be books for the next while!

If you want to find out more about my quest to Free My Family History check out my website:

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From: Marie Arnold

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Another book haul for our homeschool. I bought several history type books to include with our history curriculum for 5th grade. Please beware that I also just bought a new camera and I'm learning it. So videos may look a bit different.

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From: The Bosley Life

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Homeschool History Haul

In this video I go over the history books I found at a recent homeschool conference for use in my 4th grader's history curriculum during the 2017-2018 school year.

You can find the America the Beautiful volumes at

You find all the other books mentioned in this video at

You can find me at

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From: Wendy Till

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Usborne Book Haul for our Homeschool!

Here is my newest Usborne book haul for our Homeschool! Enjoy!! Other books I also use are Usborne Encyclopedia of World History, Flip the Flap- See Inside Your Body, Big Drawing Book, Children's Atlas, I Can Draw People, I Can Draw Animals, Coding for Beginners, Usborne Children's Encyclopedia, and Planet Earth.

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From: Unexpected Homeschoolers

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The Usborne Bookshelf - Timelines of World History

Timelines of World History is an essential book for homeschoolers or homework helpers. If you are a teacher or homeschooling Mom, this is one book you will want on your bookshelf. It's a hardback book for $19.99. It shows each part of the world in columns so kids can scan & see what was happening in each area at that time. It helps to pull in all they've learned and tie it all together. See it at the link below to add to your order.

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From: Usborne Bookshelf

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Homeschool High School Curriculum (10th/11th grade)

U.S. History book: History of the United States by Charles A. Beard

Bible Study:

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From: Ana Hamm

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