All American History vs. Graphic USA History

What are the pros and cons of each series? What homeschoolers will find All American History the best program? Why would someone pick the cartoon-type Graphic USA History series instead? Which ones are in Timberdoodle's Complete Curriculum Kits?

One clarification, All American History has two volumes, and only one is shown in this video. The second level covers the Civil War to the 21st Century.

Reviews, samples and more info is available at the following links.

All American...

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A History of US review, first half, Joy Hakim and Sonlight core 100

A History of US Review, American History High School credit by Joy Hakim. This is a thorough review of our American History I using Joy Hakim's A History of US and also the Sonlight 100 core literature. This is the first half of the curriculum, first 5 books, taken over a one year time frame. This first 5 books of A History of US spans pre-American History through 1860's. Join me as I take you through our year of A History of US I.

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I knew we weren't going to get through all the history units we planned, but by this point, I certainly expected to get through more. We didn't complete all our units in part because I kept adding to them and in part because I overpacked these units to begin with. No worries. I'll just carry over these units into the following year and pick them back up in the winter.

I do have this curriculum review to share with you as well as audio samples of the CDs we used for this unit and our Colonial...

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