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Homeschool Science Curriculum - Homeschool Curriculum

Looking for a homeschool science curriculum?  We have found out which options other homeschooling parents are raving about using in their homes.

Science is often the most controversial subject when it comes to teaching. As someone that is homeschooling, it can be hard to decide what influences to let into a child's realm of learning. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a curriculum...  [more...]

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Homeschool Statistics | Let's Homeschool

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Homeschool Statistics

Homeschool statistics can offer an interesting window into the many facets of homeschooling. In this article, we examine some homeschool statistics about why people homeschool, number of people that are homeschooled, and homeschool curriculums.

Why Do People Homeschool?

With a public schooling system that draws a great deal of our legislators' attention and that...  [more...]

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Essentials in Writing | Where learning to write well has ...

Essentials in Writing » Essentials in Literature »

Unlock Three Strategies to Improve Your Student's Writing

Get three strategies that will help you unlock your student's writing...100% free! This applies to reluctant writers and those who simply need improvement. I'm here to partner with you on your writing journey!


Essentials in Writing is a video based homeschool writing curriculum in which students learn how to effectively...  [more...]

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Computer Video Courses for Homeschoolers | Raspberry Pi ...

Homeschool Video Courses

Welcome to the Homeschool Spark website!

I am a former Landry Academy instructor and will be adapting the courses I taught there into self-paced video courses. You'll receive the same material I taught for my Landry computer classes - but updated and for a lower price!

I'm excited about the potential to deliver high-quality, reasonably-priced video courses for homeschool students, but...

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online homeschooling - The Southern Baptist Academy


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The Southern Baptist Academy can help...

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Homeschool Video Streaming - A Beka Academy

Frequently asked questions related to the video streaming program.


What is video streaming?

Video streaming is a way to view videos using an Internet connection. A Beka Academy's application allows lessons to be viewed any time by connecting to the Internet and accessing our direct video streaming technology.

For Schools: Videos cannot be played on Apple's iPad devices currently

Are the...

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