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Customized for Grades K-12

Each Customized Homeschool Curriculum Package

is designed to meet your child's individual needs and your budget. Book choices and subjects vary - it's up to you!  Teacher Editions or Keys are provided. You may substitute any subject with the elective of your choice! 

A wide variety of products will be used to develop your customized homeschool curriculum package.

The average price range of a complete homeschool curriculum package (for a full year) with student textbooks and teacher materials is usually around $350 to $575 for a full year's curriculum. Pricing is determined by grade, number of subjects,...

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Secular Home School Curriculum/Courses (k-8)

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Are you thinking about homeschooling your child? Is this the first time you're contemplating using correspondence courses as part of your child's education?

If your answer is yes, then you are bound to have apprehensions about it. We understand your situation completely. That is why, at Forest Trail...

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ScoreBeyond - Personalized SAT & ACT Tutoring

ScoreBeyond combines real-time student data with expert tutors to deliver personalized SAT & ACT tutoring. No matter what your SAT & ACT goals are, ScoreBeyond can help create a test prep program that's right for you. Visit their website or call 1-800-294-2630 for a free consultation with one of their expert Test Advisors.

The Shorter...

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Ultimate List of Living Books Based Curriculum

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Looking for a curriculum that fits with a Charlotte Mason homeschool? One that is full of living books? Start with this list, and work your way down the options. There are all types of living books curricula. Some are highly scheduled with reading and writing assignments; others are as simple as classic books listed in chronological order. Some...

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How to Homeschool in New Jersey - Moving Beyond the Page

New Jersey Homeschool Laws

In general, New Jersey law does not require you to inform your local school of your decision to homeschool. The only time you must inform the school is if you choose to remove your child from his or her high school program. In this case you will fill out a transfer form detailing your intention to instruct at home. You, as your child's teacher, do not have to have a...

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Saxon Homeschool Social Studies/History Packages

Saxon Homeschool Social Studies/History Packages

Here they are for those of you who want a traditional social studies/history course from a secular perspective. These are what students are using in the public schools and are written to meet content standards for each grade level. We get phone calls weekly asking what we have to offer from a secular publisher that still maintains the high-quality...

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How to Homeschool in Ohio - Moving Beyond the Page

First Aid, Safety, and Fire Prevention

End-of-Year Assessment

When submitting notification for a subsequent year of homeschooling, you must also submit an end-of-year assessment for the previous year. This requirement can be fulfilled using a nationally normed, standardized test; a written narrative of the student's progress including a portfolio of student's work; or an alternative assessment...

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Holistic Homeschooling -- The Homeschool Diner ...

Enki Education -- (K - 6) currently available, teaching guides, resource

guides of stories and activities, and full (or partial) curriculum for K - 2.  

Enki is a "Contemplative Education" that seeks human wisdom and vitality,

wherever they arise, "in all people, in all cultures, in all times."  An

approach that incorporates elements of many educational philosophies

and religions and integrates...

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Curriculum Choices: Sonlight Explored - Simple Homeschool

(Disclosure: Once a month here on Simple Homeschool, I'll be giving a review/overview of various curriculum options. I'm beginning with Sonlight because it is the one with which I'm most familiar. All information in this post is based on my own experience and opinions.)

Stories have the power to teach, comfort, and transport us to faraway lands. As someone who majored in literature during...

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