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2017 Curriculum Kits Coming Soon!

The custom kit builder is currently offline so that we can begin updating to the 2017-18 editions. All Timberdoodle kits and handbooks will follow suit on Thursday, April 13th, and be offline over the weekend. On Tuesday you'll find all the information on the new kits live online and a 3-day pre-order special underway.

Need to order before then? Don't...

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Homeschool Preschool Bible Curriculum - A Beka Book

You want quality time with your little one while teaching him God's Word. By using A Beka's curriculum specially designed for homeschool, you can cut planning time to a minimum!

Product Features

·   Tips for Exceptional Teaching: Make this important subject the most interesting subject of the day with this list of simple tips. From reciting verses to putting on a puppet show, your child will love reviewing what he has learned each day.

·   Scope and Sequence: A monthly chart of main topics, memory verses, and new songs to be introduced gives you an overview of the entire...

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Hatching Butterflies with {free} printable

As part of our homeschool science we observed the butterfly life cycle. I even put together a free butterfly life cycle worksheets to teach preschoolers and homeschool kids about this amazing metamorphoses that takes place. This is a wonderful science experiment to witness in person!

We had SO much fun observing our caterpillars turn into butterflies! 

I found myself checking their progress many times a day too! As part of our butterfly garden kit we received 5 caterpillars in a container with holes poked in the top and a gel covering the bottom that nourished them. 

Butterfly Life Cycle Observations:

We moved the...

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Date: 2017-04-18 02:40:23

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