Louisiana Homeschool State Laws | Home School Facts

Louisiana Homeschool State Laws

Louisiana Homeschool State Laws

Louisiana Revised Statutes Section 17:4011-17:4025 state that "solely for purposes of compulsory attendance in a nonpublic school, a child who participates in a home study program approved by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education shall be considered in attendance at a day school; a home study program shall be approved...

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Louisiana Online Academy - Homeschooling option available ...

Homeschooling option available in Louisiana

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Parents and students in Louisiana have several virtual online homeschool programs available to choose from. Two very good resources are the Jubilee Academy and the Morning Star Academy. Homeschoolers in Louisiana can decide whether to use...

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LOUISIANA Homeschool, best curriculum, Homeschool Group ...

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Description: We are a Roman Catholic homeschool group made up of lay faithful established to promote homeschooling among Catholic families and to support those families who are engaged in providing their children's primary education at home. We meet weekly for various group activities, including 1st Friday mass, feast day celebrations, park days,...

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Legal/Homeschool Laws - Homeschooling In Louisiana

Read the laws regulating home education in Louisiana and browse through the case law and legal opinions relating to those laws, along with government publications relating to homeschooling and summaries of the laws.



Which forms do you need to fill out? Where can you get them? Here is a list of useful forms for homeschooling in Louisiana.

Legal Support


If you need legal information or...

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