U.S. History: Free streaming history videos and activities

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American History Videos for the Classroom and Homeschool:

Since 2009, resources available on HaveFunWithHistory have been the focus of many classroom assignments, as well as a means of supplementing, and enhancing classroom curriculum.

How to use these resources:

Link to an individual HFwH video, or Subject to support your current curriculum,

Create an assignment around a video or activity (ex: Boston Tea Party ), or

Use resources as part of a Webquest, or other online...

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Website: http://havefunwithhistory.com

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Saxon Homeschool Social Studies/History Packages

Saxon Homeschool Social Studies/History Packages

Here they are for those of you who want a traditional social studies/history course from a secular perspective. These are what students are using in the public schools and are written to meet content standards for each grade level. We get phone calls weekly asking what we have to offer from a secular publisher that still maintains the high-quality...

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Website: rainbowresource.com

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Comprehensive, Interactive, and FUN History Curriculum ...

Just like Veritas Press' traditional homeschool history curriculum, their interactive history curriculum is comprehensive. The lessons are in-depth and descriptive.

On the videos, the teachers are dressed in period costumes, and along with the videos and games, provide an interactive and fun experience.

There is built-in review via games, activities, and questions throughout the course.


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Website: http://www.intoxicatedonlife.com

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Homeschool Video Streaming - A Beka Academy

Frequently asked questions related to the video streaming program.


What is video streaming?

Video streaming is a way to view videos using an Internet connection. A Beka Academy's application allows lessons to be viewed any time by connecting to the Internet and accessing our direct video streaming technology.

For Schools: Videos cannot be played on Apple's iPad devices currently

Are the...

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Website: abekaacademy.org

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