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Homeschool Complete: Homeschool Curriculum


A+ Publishing is committed to providing Christian parents with a high-quality homeschool curriculum to help meet the educational goals of each family. The methods and ideas have been developed by a certified teacher and tested with homeschool students. Our...  [more...]

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Homeschool Reading Curriculum - Successful Homeschooling

Homeschool Reading Curriculum

A good homeschool reading curriculum will build a strong foundation for future studies in your home school.

Once your children can read, they will be able to find out anything else they need to know. Here are some tips and suggestions for choosing a home school reading curriculum.

Phonics vs. Whole Language

When choosing a homeschool reading curriculum, you will...  [more...]

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Homeschool Math Curriculum | Homeschool Math Programs

Miquon Math

(Grades 1-4)

Miquon Math is one of the best tools to teach younger students how to think mathematically. Miquon teaches all four arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) beginning the first year, and even introduces algebraic notation, geometry, and diagram-reading in the first book.

The program emphasizes patterns and relationships (rather than...  [more...]

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Canada - Waldorf Homeschool Forum

Join a group, post photos of your Waldorf homeschooling journey, watch helpful videos or check out the forum if you're looking for used Waldorf-inspired...  [more...]

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Homeschooling Florida - FL Laws, Resources, Support

Homeschooling in Florida!

This site is designed to provide all the information you need to get started, continue, progress, and complete homeschooling students in the state of Florida. We are to give you the homeschool help you need. Please give us your suggestions, opinions, requests, etc. Click Contact at the top of page here.

Here you will find the FL State Statutes that govern home education...  [more...]

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About BJU Press | BJU Press Homeschool


About Us

BJU Press is a publisher of textbooks and video lessons for homeschool families. We are committed to creating materials that help parents deliver an education that is based on sound educational principles, inspires a joy in learning, and is rooted in a solid biblical worldview. We believe this approach helps children see how all learning is connected and important. As mastery...

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