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Not all children with an autism spectrum disorder are sent to a public or private school. For a variety of reasons, many families choose to homeschool their autistic child . When a parent is considering the option of homeschooling her child, finding resources to help can be time-consuming. Whether choosing between a homeschool program and school outside the home or finding an autism-friendly...

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Advantages of Homeschooling A Child With Autism - Autism ...

Many parents of children with autism have considered homeschooling at one time or another. Educating a child with autism can be a challenge, and many schools are not up to the task. Even schools with highly qualified teachers and excellent programming cannot give a child the one-on-one personal attention that a devoted parent can offer. Sadly, most schools are adequate, at best, and many parents...

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Homeschooling a Child With Autism: Advice, Curriculum ...

Homeschooling a Child With Autism: Tips & Resources

written by: Lisa King o edited by: Sarah Malburg o updated: 5/26/2014

Children with autism process information differently and sometimes struggle in a traditional school setting. Many choose to homeschool a child with autism to give them undivided personal attention.

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New Research...

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Autism - Special Needs Homeschooling

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Autism is near and dear to my heart. My wonderful children have autism. My husband and I have homeschooled our children from the very beginning through high school. Dealing with the ups and downs that come with autism and their mitochondrial disease.

Autism is...




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Homeschool Classroom | Resources | Autism Speaks

Homeschool Classroom offers a full-time program of virtual school curriculum in our...

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Homeschooling a Gifted Child - Hip Homeschool Moms

I have attended seminars at homeschool conferences on gifted children in order to get a better grasp on how to teach my son. I have learned that gifted children are those who show significantly higher than normal levels of intelligence in one or more areas. Gifted children like to ask "how" and "why." They often struggle with social graces. They tend to relate well with older peers and...

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