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Online Homeschooling Summer Program - Learning by Grace

July 7, 2010 through September 4, 2010  (Enroll anytime throughout.)

Online Summer sessions are available at all of the Learning By Grace Managed Academies .

Take 1 or as many as you want!

You get our regular 36 week full year course and the full 1 credit for the 9 weeks from July 7, 2010 through August 4, 2010. It is well paced and you cover a lot...

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Learning By Grace - Online Homeschooling Christian Leader

Online homeschooling is fast becoming the preferred way to homeschool because it saves work and gives you more time to do the important things. Let technology deliver the Daily Lessons, grade Student Assignments, track Attendance, report to District, create Portfoliio, build Transcripts,

Learning By Grace's online homeschooling...

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