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K12 Homeschool Curriculum and Programs | GSN

Important learning happens during this precious time of discovery and wonder!  Start your learner off on the right foot with a strong foundation in math and reading through these online options:

A+ Courseware - Engaging, multi-media presentations. Good for visual and audio learners. Available for students grades K-12.

Accelerate Learning - Strong focus on literacy including reading aloud,...

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Affordable Online Homeschooling Curriculum - GSN

Many families have found online homeschooling curriculum to be a great fit for their homeschool endeavors. The engaging, multimedia presentations motivate students of all ages. Working at their own pace ensures effective learning for students at all levels whether advanced or remedial....

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Accredited Homeschool Online Courses - Virtual Learning

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Accredited Online Homeschool Curriculum

Global Student Network is a corporation accredited by AdvancED as an online and homeschool curriculum provider.  Our...

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Homeschooling in Arizona : The Arizona Laws for ... - GSN

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Homeschooling in Arizona

Home schools in Arizona operate under the auspices of the county in which the school is located and homeschooling requirements vary from county-to-county.  "Home education" in Arizona is defined as the "parent-taught, family financed, education of...

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Homeschooling in Tennessee: The Tennessee Laws for ...

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Homeschooling in Tennessee

Legal code for the State of Tennessee defines a home school as "a school conducted by parent(s) or legal guardian(s) for their own children."  Tennessee home schools can be either church-sponsored schools or non-church schools. ...

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Homeschooling in Oklahoma : The Oklahoma Laws for ...

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Homeschooling in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the only state that recognizes the right to home school as part of its constitution.  The Oklahoma constitution says that attendance is required "at some public or other school...for at least...

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