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Donna Young's Homeschool Planners & How to Plan

Daily Schedule Lesson Planners

The planners on this page are for those homeschoolers who like to make a daily homeschool schedule. The first planner is a timer and the second is a daily planner. The daily planner comes in 3 colors--blue, pink, and green. Other planners that could be used for a daily planner are found in Homeschool Lesson Planners by Columns and Homeschool Lesson Planners with...

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Date: 2012-06-08 22:03:09

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Printable Homeschool High School Diplomas

02.rtf - High School, add school name and your state

03.rtf - High School, worded to add school name

Pre-Filled Diploma

Two Choices after filling in the Form- RTF and RTF II

About RTF- This feature will output a diploma in RTF format that MIGHT look like this - an image of the RTF diploma . First you must type information in the fields below. But first, some important details. This file, being a...

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Homeschooling - Donna Young



For a homeschooler who has this big web site full of printable files, I have not written many articles that are direct and personal about homeschooling. Throughout you will find indirect homeschooling articles that say such things as - here is a file, print it, and you will find some direct ones such as where I show pictures of one of our nature journals and...

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Homeschool Planner - Lesson Plan Forms - Donna Young

Excel Weekly

XLS file: To use Excel Weekly , enter the student's name, subjects, and start date for your school and this information is spread over 6 weekly planner pages and two objectives pages. Typing lesson plans before printing is optional.

For ultimate control of how your lesson plan forms look and if you have software that supports the file types, use the

doc or

xls files. Being the paper...

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Date: 2012-06-08 22:03:09

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Homeschool: High School Graduation Requirements

Electives to total # required credits

Number of Required Credits

States vary on the number of required credits. The amount is generally between 19-26 credits. While looking for graduation requirements, take note of how many credits or units your state requires.

Carnegie Units "Credits" - A Rule of Thumb

"Generally" one credit is earned during a *two-semester course (*a full school year) and 1/2...

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Date: 2012-06-08 22:03:09

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Report Card and Grade Records for Homeschoolers

Alpha-Keyed - Related: Homeschool Portfolio Lesson Planner

This form has space for 6 notes/projects/other as well as tests and daily work. Add the grades in the days which the graded work was done. That means you will leave some of the cells empty.. which is fine.

Roman Keyed - The cells are keyed by week and day. The days are noted with Roman numerals. Example.. the first Monday is...

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Donna Young's Homeschool Printables and Resources

HSF Cookbook


Donna Young started this web site in 1998. She was teaching her children at home, had bought a new internet capable computer, and decided to put her homeschool and household files online. Aside from a few donated files, Donna makes all the content for using several programs such as drawing programs and word processors. Most of all, is a place on the internet from...

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The Doom of A Homeschool Schedule - Donna Young

9:00 Art III (2 hours minimum each day)

11:00 Japanese II (45 minutes minimum each day)

12:00 Lunch

1:00 English IV (2 hours minimum each day)

Structure versus Realism

At the beginning of every school year, I created a schedule similar to the one above. We could follow it as long as no one became sick. Each year around October and November someone would get sick, usually both children, so the...

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Date: 2012-06-08 22:03:09

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