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Virginia SOLs | Home Educators Association of Virginia

A homeschool curriculum does not have to comply with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs), and homeschoolers are not required to take SOL tests. In fact, they are prohibited from taking them because they lead to a public school diploma. Most homeschool students will receive a parent-generated diploma. If homeschoolers were required to take the SOL tests, these standards would drive each homeschool family's...

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Homeschool Testing | Home Educators Association of Virginia


Get the facts on assessments, tests, and portfolios.

Don't be intimidated by testing. Most homeschool students do very well. If you find your child is an exception, give yourself enough time, if need be, to retest or choose another method of evaluation. Testing can be very beneficial! It's not only an evaluation of how your child is progressing, but also a measure of how effectively your...

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Virginia Homeschool Laws | Home Educators Association of ...

Know the ins and outs of complying with the Virginia statute.


Understanding the law and knowing your rights as a homeschooler empowers you to educate your children at home with confidence.

1. Virginia Home Instruction Statute - §22.1-254.1

Parents must meet at least one...

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