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Public Versus Private Homeschooling in Florida



Of the three options available to FLorida families wishing to homeschool their children (establish a home education program, enroll in a private school, or maintain a private tutor program), most families choose to either establish a home education program or enroll their children in a private school with a homeschooling option. Only those families who choose the first option -- establish a home...

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Florida Private Schools for Homeschoolers » Florida ...

Homeschooling through a private school provides support and services to homeschooling families. In Florida, schools that enroll homeschooling families are sometimes called umbrella schools or...

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Florida Homeschooling Law » Florida Homeschooling

Florida homeschooling law, as well as practical advice about where to begin? Getting started can seem overwhelming, which is why this section of the site was developed. Here, you'll find everything you need to know about legal requirements in...

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Florida Homeschool Evaluators and Tutors » Florida ...

Florida Certification Area(s): Early Childhood Education

Evaluation Method: Portfolio assessment, bring a book to read orally. Evaluates grades K-2 only.

Rate: 1 child $25, 2 children $35 total

Name: Rebecca (Becky) Prior U


City: Orlando

Florida Certification Area(s): Agriculture

Evaluation Method: Each family visits me at my home near 436 & Aloma in East Winter Park, or some who are distance challenged meet with me via...

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Homeschool Curriculum and Resources » Florida Homeschooling

Book Adventure Reading incentive program. Chemistry lessons and activities.

Core Knowledge Foundation Scope and sequence, lesson plans, articles, etc.

Discovery School's Puzzle Maker...

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Notice of Intent » Florida Homeschooling



Sample forms are provided for your convenience in the Forms section of this site. Alternately, you may write a letter to the Superintendent informing him/her of your decision to establish and maintain a home education program for your child(ren) and providing the information specified above, namely, each child's:


date of birth


You do NOT have to use a form provided by the...

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