Public School teacher chooses homeschooling

A former elementary school teacher decides to homeschool her own children

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Homeschool Science in the Elementary and Middle School Years HomeschoolDen

Homeschool Science in the Elementary and Middle School Years - How do you know what science units to teach? This video explains some of the science topics we hope to cover from K to 8.

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Douglas County School District online education K 12 homeschooling online high school Douglas County School District, online education for K-12, elementary through High School. A Great resource for homeschooling!

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Elementary Music Class -The Singing School

May 23, 2011 Rebekah singing with Oakland Homeschool Music's Elementary Music Class performing "The Singing School"

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Home School Curriculum: Geography : Elementary Level Home School Geography

Learn about elementary level home school geography with expert tips from an experienced teacher and home school authority in this free homeschooling video clip.

Expert: Jennifer Miller

Bio: Tony and Jennifer Miller live in northern New Hampshire with their four children. Tony works from home as a computer systems engineer.

Filmmaker: Bryan Powers

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10 Free Homeschool Math Help Websites Elementary to High School

10 Free Homeschool Math Help Websites Elementary to High School

I collected these sites that offer FREE math help for your homeschool. Some are suitable for elementary math, some are much more advanced. If you're looking for math help, hopefully you will find a site that will be just the right match for your child's learning style, and/or homeschool math curriculum. :)

See the entire list with links...

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PLES PE - Taking Aim

Bret Mischlich's PE Class: September 2016 Palmer Lake Elementary School. A homeschooled high school student created a program to help students with their aim. This is an example of technology being used in a PE class.

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Quick Write - Summary Practice for Elementary or Middle School Homeschool Students

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Tour of Elemental Science's Logic Stage Programs

Take a tour through the teacher guide and student guide of the award-winning science plans from Elemental Science. These programs can be used with late elementary and middle school students in a homeschool, school, or co-op. Learn more about these programs here:

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