Homeschool History Through the Ages Review World History Study

History Through the Ages Homeschool Curriculum Review

Looking for a secular homeschool history curriculum? You might want to consider History Through the Ages, a fun, hands-on supplement to your history curriculum.

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From: Patricia Espinoza

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Homeschooling Social Studies 9-12: World History Features Summary Video

Learn about the The Jubilee Academy here:

The Jubilee Academy provides a unique homeschooling experience:

• they do the prep so you don't

• accredited and affordable

• complete Christian homeschooling

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Homeschool World History: Latin America


Looking for an engaging world history course online for your Catholic high school student? Well, you're in the right place! Here Mr. Campbell discusses why the study of Latin America in our homeschools is important.

These history courses are fun, enlightening, and challenging. We'll see you in class!

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From: Homeschool Connections

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History Revealed Overview

In this overview, I describe the way the History Revealed curriculum is designed to draw in different kinds of learners. Using four different phases in each unit (or chapter), the curriculum first introduces your students to the era through audio and reading. In Phase 2, your students will explore the topic of their choice. Phase 3 is the hands-on phase, where students do projects in geography, art, architecture, music, science, and cooking. In the 4th phase, students have the opportunity to...

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From: Diana Waring

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The Usborne Bookshelf - Timelines of World History

Timelines of World History is an essential book for homeschoolers or homework helpers. If you are a teacher or homeschooling Mom, this is one book you will want on your bookshelf. It's a hardback book for $19.99. It shows each part of the world in columns so kids can scan & see what was happening in each area at that time. It helps to pull in all they've learned and tie it all together. See it at the link below to add to your order.

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From: Usborne Bookshelf

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FREE History Timeline Figures for Kids Homeschooling

FREE History Timeline Figures for Kids Homeschooling

These timeline figures match the Homeschool History Curriculum Story of the World, but of course you can use it with any history curriculum or studies. I use them to go along with the FREE printable timeline pages I created and share on my blog.

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From: Patricia Espinoza

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How to Get More from Your Core - World History Cores

Sonlight's Core programs are robust, full and complete "as is." These ideas simply provide an opportunity to move "outside the box" and get even more from your homeschool year.

Sonlight's World History Cores include Core B, Core C, Core G, and Core H.

In this webinar you will get many fantastic ideas for getting more out of your Core. Discover some field trip ideas, even more hands-on suggestions, writing & geography project ideas, and...

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From: Sonlight

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Can I Include World War 2 History on my Homeschool Transcript? - Lee Binz discusses how to include World War 2 studies on a homeschool transcript. You can learn more about homeschooling high school on our website:

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From: Lee Binz

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Building a shaduf - homeschool history - story of the world "the first Nomads become farmers".

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Home School Curriculum 2017-2018 History 1st Grade Review

Review of "My America and My World" Geography & History curriculum for 1st grade homeschool

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