Homeschool 2015-2016 History Curriculum Choices (Middle & High School)

Hey again! Here's is the layout for what we will be using for history, geography, African-American history, American history, and the history of science. Thanks for watching!!

How we learned all the countries and their locations:

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History, Science & Bible Homeschool Curriculum Plans 2016-2017

Homeschool curriculum plans for 2016-2017 are nearly finalized! Find out what we are planning to use for science, history & Bible for my elementary and middle school kiddos.

First grade plans:

Third grade plans:

Seventh grade plans:

Together work (history, science, Bible)

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Student Testimonial: Homeschool Connections / Phillip Campbell Online History Classes

Mr. Phillip Campbell is a history instructor for the Catholic online curriculum provider Homeschool Connections. Here, one of his students shares how much she enjoyed one of his courses.

Mr. Campbell is also the author of The Story of Civilization. To learn more about Civilization of the World visit

Learn more about why Homeschool Connections is a great option for homeschooling middle school and high...

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American History: Great Depression: Causes of The Great Depression - This K12 online American history video will assist American history students to study and examine the causes of the Great Depression that occurred in the 1930's and that had worldwide repercussions. Our videos have been developed to support the K12 curriculum for homeschool students and elementary, middle, and high school and college classes. From the Zane Education K12 curriculum online video eLearning library for teachers, parents, students, tutors and homeschool

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A Fun Way To Teach History To Children! The Story Of The World

This is how we teach history in our home. Unbiased, diverse, hands on, and FUN!!!

Most of the resources I showed will be used again for middle school and even high school (if we homeschool that long).

You can find many of these books at your local library most of the time. If you want to be frugal, check your library. Or you can buy books used. ;) You can even use some of these books as curriculum spines and create your own curriculum.

The Story Of The World can be purchased on Amazon and...

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