All about the Phuket Homeschool Network

The Phuket Homeschool Network took over a corner of the Phuket Rajaphat University campus this past weekend, to show off the hard work and skills developed by the small group of local youngster currently studying at home.

The Phuket Homeschool Network is a collective of the parents and educators working together to help promote the various forms of education available for youngsters who either cannot take part in the traditional school system or prefer to study beyond the bounds of it.


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From: Phuket Gazette

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Education Matters Episode 38 October 27, 2014 Kate Baker, Network for Educational Opportunity (NEO)

Kate Baker - Executive Director

Scholarships are awarded to New Hampshire students based on highest financial need, funds raised, and the metrics in the Education Tax Credit law for tuition for private school, a public school outside of the student’s district or for homeschooling expenses.

The Network for Educational Opportunity is a 501c3 nonprofit charity scholarship organization. All donations are tax deductible. In addition, you may be eligible for the NH Education Tax Credit for 85%...

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Home Schooling - How it Works. ACE How to home-school with HomeschoolWA. Accelerated Christian Education and how the homeschooling network helps your child.

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