How to Homeschool Your Child : How Home school Unit Studies Work

Homeschooling is rewarding. Learn about unit studies and how they can help your home school teachings in this free video on homeschooling your child.

Expert: Sharon Wilharm

Bio: Sharon Wilharm is an experienced home teacher, and she has written homeschool curriculums that are available to the public.

Filmmaker: Fred Wilharm

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Homeschool US History and Government Study Unit - 'A Great Nation'

Visit on April 1.

Join me as we walk the halls of history of this 'Great Nation'.

This homeschool US History and Government Study Unit covers:

Definitions for US Government:

3 Branches of Government and Duties

Separation of Powers

House of Representatives





(Memory Songs Included)

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Apologia Anatomy And Physiology Unit Study (Homeschool Curriculum)

Here is want we got for our Anatomy and Physiology Unit study.

Check these Youtubers videos. They inspired me to do a united study

Crazy Busy family Life

Monarch Mama

they are also blogging their experiments on anatomy and physiology. She also has great reviews.

Pepper and pine has great united studies on many subjects too

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Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Curriculum - Science for Kids. Visit for a free sample lesson. 12 Lessons, 52 pages, $4.99.

The Creation Science Studies Unit 1 contains the following 12 Lessons: 1.Classifications of Living Things

2.Five Kingdoms of Living Things

3.Parts of the Animal Cell

4.Parts of the Plant Cell

5.Invertebrate Classifications

6.Vertebrate Classifications

7.Animal Reproduction

8.Types of Seed Plants

9.Parts of a Plant

10.Leaves and Leaf Parts

11.Parts of a...

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Native American & Colonists unit study curriculum homeschool

We finally finished our Native American & Colonists unit study! I wanted to share some of the things we did to simplify, finish, & move on. Their is so much curriculum & so many great ideas out there; it is the age of Pinterest. It is easy to get bogged down in everything you "should" or "could" do instead of just focusing on what you children want & need to learn. It is important to know when you have learned what you can or need to at this moment & be able to move on to the next topic.


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HUGE Homeschool Curriculum, Arts & Crafts, and unit study Haul

Over the last few months I have been collecting numerous items for our homeschool year. I share a majority of it in this one long haul. Its a long video but its full of great stuff. I will post more videos as I get this year planned out. Thanks for watching!

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Homeschool Curriculum Haul

Today I am sharing my homeschool curriculum. I purchased My Father's World curriculum. I show what books came in the deluxe kit for 3-8th grade for Counties and Cultures unit study. Looks like it is going to be a fun year.

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Seton Home Study School - Catholic Homeschooling

Seton Home Study School is a full-service homeschool curriculum provider and book publisher. With around 11,000 enrolled students, Seton is larger than any other Catholic primary or secondary school in the United States. For more information visit

Produced by:

Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Lighting, Sound, & Editor: Eric Coughlin

Co-producers: Jim Shanley & Draper Warren

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3rd Grade Homeschool Workboxes (4/18-4/22)

I am sharing what my 3rd grader did this past week in our homeschool. We are doing a 3-4 week unit study on knights, castles and Medieval Times.

Welcome to our homeschool channel! We are a homeschooling family and post several homeschool videos a week including workbox videos, homeschool curriculum, our homeschool routine, educational games, activities and our homeschooling life in general!

Aside from homeschool videos, we also do toy unboxings, family game days, fun challenges, product...

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