A.C.E. Homeschool Summer 2016 Gap - Update

Here is our Summer school Update! We are working on the A.C.E. Homeschool Curriculum. We are already having so much success already! So this is a bit winded! Sorry, I do get chatty, but it took a bit to cover it all!

I have now officially used all 3 self teaching booklet style homeschool curriculum: Alpha Omega Publication - Lifepac, Christian Light Education - Light Units, and Now Accelerated Christian Education - PACE. I will tell you I like ACE the best and I am surprised because to me...

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From: Just Sew Trish

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Homeschool Conference Curriculum Haul (Christian Light, Rainbow Resource, Millers Pads & paper)

Here are the educational and fun items I picked up from when I attended the Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville SC a couple of months ago. I purchased numerous items from Christian Light, Rainbow Resource, Miller Pads & paper, and more. My budget for the conference was 200.00. I spent the entire budget but got everything I wanted and lots of fun additions.

Thanks for watching!

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From: Raising Bushs

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Cle kII - kindergarten curriculum Review

Christian light education has a k2 program that consist of 5 workbook light units and 5 activity book light units. This is a flip through preview and review of our homeschool kindergarten curriculum

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From: Just Sew Trish

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Curriculum Spotlight: CLE Math (Christian Light Education Math)

CLE Math is a new math curriculum for us this year. I'm using this math for two of my elementary-aged kids. In this review/spotlight, I'll share what I like about it, what I don't like about it and how we use this homeschool math curriculum.

HI! I am Tricia, a military wife & SAHM-turned-homeschooling mama to three kids (Elizabeth--11, Benjamin--7, Matthew--5), having recently moved to Georgia.

Christian Light Education Math: https://www.clp.org/store/by_subject/4

Placement Tests:...

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From: This Life of Ours

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Christian Light Education Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

Thank you for visiting our channel! I am a homeschooling mother and I also own a licensed family childcare home. We are a loving, Christian family. We love to learn together, travel together and grow together. My husband and I have been married for 9 years and we have 3 beautiful children. Come along with us as we go about our busy, crazy days. These are real videos! We do not hide our flaws!!! You will see us in pajamas a lot of days. LOL. Make sure to subscribe so that you will not...

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Christian Light Education Homeschool Update!

Hey It's Homeschool update time, and can I just say HOW MUCH we LOVE CLE??? After trial and error over the past two years, we have found a curriculum that we all love!! Watch to see what all the fuss is about and what we have used in the past!

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From: Happy Howell Home

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Our Family Bible resources and Curriculum

Our family bible resources are not just limited to our specified curriculum. We use Christian Light education or CLE from www.clp.org as the main spine of our homeschool. Through the years, we have found some jewels to help us further our experience.

Links to everything we use: http://justsewtrish.blogspot.com/2015/07/our-bible-homeschool-curriculum.html

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From: Just Sew Trish

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