Catholic Homeschool Radio: Program 12 - Classical Education from Home to School

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Veritas Home Studies 3rd/4th Grade ShurleyGrammar

The goal of Veritas Classical Homes Studies is to offer home schooling families a unique compliment to their home study programs with an emphasis on a classical Christian model of education. Veritas Classical Homes Studies function in the role of tutor, assisting parents in their educational roles. Each student attends Veritas one day per week during the school year according to the child's age group.

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Andrew Pudewa's Home School Philosophy

Learn more about teaching classical home school:

How does Andrew Pudewa (founder of IEW and home school dad of 7) teach his own kids? Find out (1) why he likes like DeMille's "Leadership Education" philosophy and the "Great Books" approach over classical education stages, (2) when to start formal homeschool writing instruction, and 93) how to get dads involved in homeschooling in this interview with Diane Lockman, founder of The Classical Scholar.

For fantastic...

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Las Flores Home Education Center - BUSD

Here is an introduction to the Home School Educational Center, est. 2012

Join the "Classic" program and have your child completely homeschooled.

Join the "Core" program and bring your child to the Home Educational Center for classes three days a week.

Sign up for either program and your child can come to the Home Educational Center for Enrichment Fridays, where they will be able to participate in band, chorus, science fairs, field trips, etc.

Get guidance and instruction from certified...

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From: Hillary Monroe

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Laura Berquist: The Heart of Classical Education

Catholic author and founder of the Mother of Divine Grace school and home study program Laura Berquist speaks on classical education.

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Homeschool Start to Finish-The Lybrands talk about the Robinson Curriculum (Part 1)

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Like Terry Neven, I think you can make sense of Home Schooling Your Kids and see the Benefits of Home Schooling : Benefits of Home Schooling...if it's done the right way. Classical Education is essential and Art Robinson's Curriculum is one way to do it. Dr. and Mrs. Lybrand have homeschooled their five children over the past 23 years (2 in just graduated from the University of Texas with honors). They are sharing the overview of how it...

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From: Fred Ray Lybrand

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SLO Classical Academy

San Luis Obispo Classical Academy is an exciting and unique school serving students from Kindergarten through 8th grade with combined classroom instruction by credentialed teachers and home school instruction by parents. SLO Classical Academy emerged from a desire to offer a classical approach to education that combines the best of classroom instruction and home school parental involvement. We offer a unique partnership with parents to create a wonderfully rich and rewarding education — one...

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Messiah Lutheran Classical Academy Keller TX

Messiah Lutheran Classical Academy Keller TX

christian school, private school, many children come from a home school environment, serving Fort Worth and N.E. Tarrant County, providing a classical education with a Christian worldview, teachings can be summed up in one phrase: Grace alone, Faith alone, Scripture alone., preschool program, strong fine arts program, a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, a...

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Book | Study and Teaching Guide: The History of the Ancient World

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A curriculum guide to accompany The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome, by Susan Wise Bauer.susan Wise Bauers narrative world history series is widely used in advanced high school history classes, as well as by home educating parents. The Study and Teaching Guide, designed for use by both parents and teachers, provides a full curriculum with study questions and answers, critical thinking...

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Tammy Kabakjian VSA Teacher Introduction Video

Tammy Kabakjian is a home schooling mother with a love of classical education. She earned a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education from Bob Jones University, and has taught a variety of subjects in both Christian school and business settings. Tammy and her husband, Bob, have three children: Robert, Tori, and Katy. They reside in Camden, SC, (the oldest inland town in South Carolina), and are members of First Presbyterian Church in Columbia. As a family, the Kabakjians love adventures like...

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