Why Should I Learn Shakespeare: Catholic Homeschooling


Dr. Henry Russell teaches classical literature for Homeschool Connections, a Catholic online curriculum provider. His courses, including many Shakespeare courses, can be take in two ways. 1. As live, interactive classes. 2. As recorded, independent-learning courses.

To learn more about Dr. Russell go to https://youtu.be/j4Fycqdtglc

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From: Homeschool Connections

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Ron Paul's CATHOLIC Homeschool Curriculum - by Chris Lucas

This is just a video about my a few of my thoughts on Ron Paul's Homeschool Curriculum. I plan on doing a much more in depth, intensive video with pictures, photos from old books, quotes by founders, and audio clips showing why I have so many concerns about this,

In my future video, I will make it precisely clear why protestants should be concerned.

This video just explains a little about what I plan to say.

Also an update on how my Jesse Woodrow video is coming along. I think it will...

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From: LiquidSmooth

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