William F. Buckley on the Conservative Movement's Controversial Elements (2003)

The John Birch Society (JBS) is an educational society supporting anti-communism and limited government. It has been described as radical right. Businessman .

Buckley participated in a live and very heated debate on ABC following the airing of The Day After, a 1983 made-for-television film about the effects of nuclear .

Buckley was homeschooled through the 8th grade using the Calvert School of Baltimore's Homeschool Curriculum. Buckley attended the National .

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8th Grade Science Homeschool Course

Online Science Homeschool Course. Watch a free lesson here: http://www.ronpaulcurriculum.com/public/287.cfm

This is an introduction to a comprehensive, self-taught, self-paced homeschool science course. Students learn through videos and projects. This course contains 180 lessons (one full year of study).

In this video, Daniel Dignan shares what makes this science course unique and beneficial to students and parents.

The course contains six 30 lesson sections:

Search and Rescue (SAR) ...

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Homeschool (2nd Grade) Mid-Year Changes

My last video was about our 8th grade mid-year changes, so here are the 2nd grade changes! Funny how metamorphosis takes over before the school year is even halfway complete.

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