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Contents of Classical Christian Homeschooling: Classical ...

Classical Christian Homeschooling FAQ

The answers to Classical Christian Homeschooling’s most frequently asked questions, from getting started in classical homeschooling to scheduling to the biblical foundation of the theory. If you have a question for Christine Miller , please visit this page first.

The Book of Kells, the richly decorated manuscript of the four gospels, is one of the...

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Date: 2016-03-14 19:19:34

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Classical Christian Homeschooling: Classical Curriculum ...

The suggested curriculum for the dialectic stage is Christine Miller’s favorite. It is cross-linked to the Online Catalog , and compatible with all the articles found in the Dialectic Stage section of the website.

This section is still under construction. Look for additional curriculum suggestions in the coming weeks and months.

The suggested curriculum for the rhetoric stage is Christine...

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Classical Christian Homeschooling Online Catalog

Parenting & Family

What about Graduation and Transcripts?

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about recommended materials. Just drop us a line. Unfortunately, we cannot answer any questions about curricula that is not featured in our catalog.

Using the Online Catalog

This online catalog is made possible through an association with Barnes& . Clicking on the book title or book cover will take you to Barnes&’s information page about that book. You can...

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